Sander Von Rhein Luxury Leather Handbags & Executive Briefcases for Professional Women

Sander Von Rhein Jackie Handbag

The black hole that manifests in the bottom of a woman’s handbag is a real problem. The disorganisation of the typical work bag not only fuels stress, but it seriously compromises any attempt to look stylish, forcing many women to either give in to the madness or to lug multiple bags to and from the office, looking more mule-like than well put together! This, of course, leaves many posing the question: Why hasn’t anyone done anything about this?

Sander Von Rhein Pixie Handbag Black Leather

Partly to blame is the fact that so many fashion brands have men at the helm who have never experienced the frustration of the “bag black hole.” The other problem is that many women are yet to have come across the Sander Von Rhein brand because, if they had, the time spent pondering this question would be spent boasting about their amazing new bag!

About Sander Von Rhein

The founders of Sander Von Rhein, Anna Bermes and Laura Keil, studied fashion design together, which is where they met ten years ago. Parting ways after graduation, they both worked for several years in the fashion industry; Anna in menswear for Karl Lagerfeld; Laura working for Escada. This experience has allowed them to combine menswear’s utility and functionality with the high-quality fashion of a premium womenswear label.

Sander Von Rhein About Founders Anna Bermes and Laura Keil

After failing to find a nice looking laptop bag for themselves, Anna and Laura decided to make one, guessing that other women might have experienced the same problem! According to Anna, typical laptop bags are “mostly ugly, black nylon bags, made for men, nothing stylish, feminine, fashionable or of a high quality.” Looking to fill that gap, Anna and Laura created Sander Von Rhein, offering timeless, luxurious laptop bags, “Which do not look like laptop bags!” as well as luxury leather handbags, backpacks, and briefcases.

Sander Von Rhein Luxury Leather Cleo Backpack

Sander Von Rhein’s customers are working women, freelance people who work from anywhere and everywhere and need their stuff close by and well organised, girl bosses who have to carry their office with them, travelling a lot, who are looking for quality, not just labels, wanting to buy less by choosing well. Looking forward, Sander Von Rhein plans to expand their product range, offering collections for men as well, helping to officially end the era of the ugly work bag and creating stylish ladies and gents in the process!

Sander Von Rhein Luxury Leather Handbags

The name Sander Von Rhein is a combination of the surnames of Anna and Laura’s grandmothers, Anna’s “Sander” and Laura’s “Von Rhein”. Of all of their designs, Anna and Laura’s favourite is the CARO, the first bag they created and the source of all of their style inspiration since. Completely handmade in Portugal with fine Italian leather, every single Sander Von Rhein bag offers both a stunning, timeless design and luxurious functionality. So much so that it’s likely you will swoon while scrolling. (Consider yourself warned.)

Our 5 Favourite Sander Von Rhein Bags

Sander Von Rhein 01 Liz Elegant Leather Box Bag

01 LIZ | €599.00

An elegantly structured box bag designed to elevate the style of your daily commute, the LIZ features a separate pocket to hold a tablet (up to 9.7”) and a leather-lined zipper compartment that enables you to access personal items, like credit and business cards, easily. Wear the bag on your arm, across your body or draped off your shoulder. Pictured above in Denim, the LIZ is also available in Blush Pink, Rubin Red, Brandy and Black.

Sander Von Rhein 02 Caro Luxury Leather Ladies Briefcase

02 CARO | €699.00

The sleekest executive briefcase you’ll have ever laid eyes on, the CARO is Sander Von Rhein’s flagship bag and for good reason. The padded internal compartment is perfect for those wanting to carry a laptop, there is also sufficient room for folders and documents. Featuring everything you need to stay organised and the luxury style you’ve dreamt of, we guarantee the CARO is the only bag you’ll ever need! Choose how you wear it (cross body, over the shoulder, or carried on your arm) and get to work (looking stylish, of course)!

Sander Von Rhein 03 Jackie Classic Leather Handbag

03 JACKIE | €769.00

The prettiest and most feminine business bag you’ve been waiting for, the JACKIE is crafted with a timeless boxy shape, allowing it to be an investment piece that can (and will) be used for years. Designed with a padded laptop compartment and a pocket for your tablet, the bag securely fastens shut, leaving its zippered exterior compartment within easy reach. The JACKIE is stunningly chic, as well as being highly versatile and practical.

Sander Von Rhein 04 Pixie Italian Leather Shopper Handbag

04 PIXIE | €799.00

A contemporary yet classic shopper bag designed with the professional woman in mind. Handcrafted using only the finest luxury Italian leather, the PIXIE is sleek and refined, like the LBD of handbags. Large and roomy enough to carry a 15.6” laptop and a 9.7” tablet in its pocket, along with paperwork etc, this gorgeous tote bag features a structured interior that allows you to keep all of your work and personal essentials fashionably organised.

Sander Von Rhein 05 Cleo Luxury Leather Backpack

05 CLEO | €849.00

A leather backpack unlike any other, the CLEO epitomises what the Sander Von Rhein label stands for. A utilitarian backpack that oozes luxury, no woman can resist this bag. Enviably crafted with Italian calf leather and lined with nude goat leather, this backpack is creating a new category of its own. Perfect for travelling, commuting, or days out. Keep everything you need smartly organised while comfortably getting to and from in style.

To view the full Sander Von Rhein Collection and shop online, visit:

Sander Von Rhein Luxury Leather Handbags

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