Be Yourself With Self’s Premium Skincare for All-Natural Beauties Around the World

A premium 100% natural and non-toxic skincare brand based in Belgium, Self is an everyday face and body care solution, suitable for all skin types, highly effective even for those with dry or problem skin. Committed to developing high-quality products that are not only all-natural but also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, Self stands for overall wellbeing and understands that looking good on the outside comes from feeling good on the inside.

The company’s mission to “be yourself” encourages us to embrace our unique characteristics, inside and out. Self is a strong proponent of providing full transparency and ethical information to customers, from answering questions about which products are right for their skin type and sensitivities, to the ingredients they use in their products.


Through, and because of, Self’s founder Isabelle’s personal connection to skin sensitivities, the company feels strongly that everyone should have access to products that work well with their skin type, tone, and sensitivities. Born from the search for gentle, all-natural skincare products, Self caters to those who crave products that are good for their skin, including any sensitivities and are also good for the environment.

By monitoring production from the raw ingredients through to the final product, Self ensures the highest quality skincare, that is ethically produced and packaged. Offering a variety of luxury skincare products, Self focuses on two all-natural lines of facial care and body care, as well as limited edition beauty box gift sets and accessories including makeup bags, facial cleansing sponges, essential travel kits, and luxury scented candles.


The Self Facial Care Range comprises of four lightweight skincare products, all rich in active ingredients that hydrate and replenish to combat ageing and pamper sensitive skin. Self’s All Day Dreamer natural face cream is a luxurious soothing and replenishing face cream suitable for all-day wear. 100% natural ingredients provide intensive moisture and protection that results in smooth and radiant skin.

The nighttime component of Self’s facial care regime is All Night Starlight. A moisture-regulating sleep cream, that moisturises skin all night long without clogging your pores.


Also from the Facial Care Range Boost of Oxygen, a facial scrub made from all-natural ingredients. While rice kernels remove impurities, essential oils nourish and repair skin.

And to complete this range Boost of Freshness, a multi-action facial milk, that cleanses whilst removing dirt and makeup. A mild solution packed with soothing oils, Boost of Freshness restores even the most delicate skin without drying or damaging.


The Luxury Body Care Range from Self is made up of three all-natural skincare products that gently cleanse and nourish even the most sensitive skin and over time improve the skin’s elasticity. The body care range includes Fine Delicate, Fine Deluxe and Fine Delight.

Self’s Fine Delicate is a softening body butter that melts into the skin leaving a smooth finish and delicate glow, whilst moisturising and repairing. Restoring skin to its natural balance, Fine Delicate body butter is an all-natural addition to any skincare routine.

Also in the Body Care range, Fine Deluxe a scrub that draws inspiration from the healing powers of the sea. Utilising sea salts to remove dirt and dead skin while hydrating with argan oil and shea butter. Fine Deluxe is a delicate and effective scrub for all skin types.

The final product in the Body Care Range Fine Delight is a refreshing bath gel that hydrates with a combination of essential oils, cleans with a naturally derived cleansing agent and delights the senses with a fresh citrusy scent of mandarin and sweet orange.

Self’s collection of 100% natural and non-toxic face and body care products will revitalise even the most sensitive of skin and make you feel beautiful, both inside and out. For more information about Self skincare and to shop online, visit:

Natural Self Face and Body Care Products

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