Seraglio Designs: Extraordinary Jewellery for Lives Well-Lived

In the case of most accessories, it’s the person wearing them who brings the personality to the table. A nice pair of earrings, for example, only becomes extraordinary if the person herself is, in fact, extraordinary. Every once in a while, however, you discover an accessory that has a life of its own, one that is capable of telling a story, transforming the humble wearer into something even greater. These accessories, these pieces of jewellery, are the ones you hunt for — and the ones you recognise as soon as you find them.

Seraglio Designs Gemstone Necklace

Seraglio Designs

From the first introduction, it’s easy to see that Seraglio Designs, the Australian brand conceived by archaeologist Dr. Mandy Mottram, is something different in the world of jewellery. Using an extensive range of eclectic materials, from precious gemstones to ancient excavated glass from Afghanistan, each item stands on its own, captivating you like an attractive stranger locking your gaze from across a dark room.

Long Colourful Beaded Necklace

Handcrafted Jewellery

Although attracted by the “strong geometric form and uniformity of machine-cut stone beads”, Mandy can’t resist the surprise that comes from unveiling the natural beauty of freeform and rough-cut materials, which is why so many Seraglio Designs pieces offer those unexpected edges. But, while the jewellery presents itself as precious, the real beauty is that Seraglio Designs manages to keep the prices affordable, allowing everyone who feels an attraction the opportunity to start a relationship, whether with a gemstone necklace or an amazing pair of pearl earrings.

Wrap Around Long Layered Crystal Quartz Necklace

Gemstone Necklaces

One of our favourite Seraglio Designs collections features an array of Semi-Precious and Precious Gemstone Necklaces, the type that look great on their own or layered with your other favourite pieces. And for your ears, there’s plenty of inspiration, including Southwestern-Inspired Turquoise Silver Hoop Drop Earrings and pearl earrings, made with both freshwater and saltwater finds. There’s also no shortage of beautiful glass and beaded jewellery from the designer.

Akoya Keshi Saltwater Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklaces

But one of the most stunning pieces conceived by Seraglio Designs is the Akoya Keshi Pearls Necklace, a show-stopping layering necklace that is crafted from saltwater Japanese pearls, sapphire nuggets from Montana, 24-karat vermeil charms, and granulated spacers from Bali. As easily at home with an evening gown as it is a t-shirt and jeans, this unique piece is capable of being worn as a single long strand or wrapped around a wrist as a bracelet. Whichever way you wear it, the “textural love affair” and contrasting colours between the materials is something you won’t find anywhere else — and one of the reasons why Seraglio Designs is quickly amassing a long list of loyal fans.

Long Layered Pendant Gemstone Necklace Amazonite Quartz White Topaz Sterling Silver

Unique Designs

With new pieces being added regularly, Seraglio Designs is a brand that every accessory aficionado should have on their radar. Specialising in a unique range of products, each with their own story to tell, it’s easy to get wonderfully lost as you browse the collections. Handmade with attention to details often overlooked when working with these natural, and often raw, materials, Mandy’s designs reveal an eye for eclectic beauty, the kind that is refined only by experiences collected from a well-lived life.

For more information and to shop online, visit the Seraglio Designs Etsy Store

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