SNURK For Horizontal Living: The Bedding Dreams Are Made Of

Whale Bedding SNURK for Horizontal Living

There are few home furnishings and loungewear companies that, when scrolling through their website or social media feeds, literally make you excited. And not just ‘excited’ in the ‘oh-that’s-cool’ kind of way, but ‘excited’ in the ‘I-need-to-tell-everyone-but-first-I-need-to-buy-everything’ kind of way. Amsterdam-based SNURK is that company.

Kids Horizontal Wear SNURK

One look at SNURK’s product range and you’ll understand why they’ve been picked by the likes of Oprah and Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood. Designed in Holland and crafted in Portugal, SNURK makes Bedding and Loungewear that is fun, playful, and unique. What’s more, the pyjamas and comfortable pants and sweaters aren’t just cute; they capitalise on the horizontal wear trend and with horizontal wear #twinningiswinning, which means you can match your son or daughter for bonus fashion points (and adorable pictures).

Teddy Childrens Character Bedding SNURK For Horizontal Living

And that’s just the beginning of this dreamy company. SNURK just announced that from now on all SNURK Horizontal Wear will be created with super high-quality organic cotton, which meets even the strictest Eco-production requirements in the world (GOTS). This commitment to fun and Eco-consciousness is what sets SNURK apart (and above) from all the competition in their niche, and there’s a lot.

Goldfish Pyjamas For Her SNURK For Horizontal Living

From SNURK’s life-size character bedding that not only looks awesome but will also turn your child into their favourite things like dinosaurs, mermaids, astronauts, and soccer players to prints of hand-knitted flowers sprinkled onto duvets and banana printed-pyjamas that will make your next family sleepover totally Instagram-worthy, SNURK’s full range of products isn’t just worth a look. It’s worth an entire morning of online shopping! (Yes, you do need that matching goldfish outfit to wear with your son or daughter….)

Princess Character Childrens Bedding Yellow SNURK For Horizontal Living

SNURK Bedding Collections

Want to see why the whole world is dreaming of SNURK For Horizontal Living? You only have to look at the must-have products from their popular bedding collections.

If you want your child’s bedroom to fulfil all of their favourite fantasies, SNURKS’s Children’s Bedding Collection is the answer you’ve been looking for. Known for their photographic prints that make their bedding literally come to life, we’ve got our eyes on two of their latest releases, the Princess Duvet (available in yellow this spring) And the new Superhero Duvet in Pink and Blue (which your husband will probably want, too)!

Superhero Pink Bedding SNURK For Horizontal Living

SNURK Adult Bedding Collections

And because SNURK understands the contagious power of fun, they’ve made sure to not leave adults out of their collections. Whimsy and playful, their Pom Pom Duvet Cover made from 100% soft cotton features a digital print of pom-poms made of yarn and custom painted by hand just to ensure the colours were just right. (Trust us, they are.)

SNURK Pom Pom Duvet Cover

One of their latest editions to the Adult Bedding collection, the Knitted Flowers duvet cover will leave you speechless. Featuring an exclusive print of colourful hand-knitted wildflowers, clovers and cherries on a grey background complete with shadows that make them look so realistic as though they are actually sitting on top of your bed, this design will make you feel like a kid again (without making you need to shut your door when guests come over). Made from 100% super soft cotton, Knitted Flowers is the perfect bedding for SS18 to lift your mood and brighten up your bedroom.

Knitted Flowers Bedding SNURK

With the help of SNURK, your whole family can dream a little bigger. And, have a lot more fun. To view the full SNURK For Horizontal Living Collection, Visit:

SNURK For Horizontal Living Family Bedding and Loungewear

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