Solo Travel: 5 Things You Have To Do In Malta

While the country of Malta may be a tiny archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s amazingly rich in history, culture, and beauty. So if you’re after a peaceful getaway, this sunny destination has a variety of delightful activities perfect for you to explore. With that said, we’ve rounded up five things you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Malta.

1. Charter a Private Yacht

Malta and Gozo Travel
Credit: CSB Group

The all-year-round summer in Malta means spending time enjoying the crystal clear blue seas is an absolute must. Chartering a private yacht allows you to see the country in an exceptionally comfortable and convenient way. Not only will you sail around the country’s three islands — Malta, Gozo, and Comino — but you’ll also get to spend the day at sea with some much-deserved peace and quiet.

Blue Hole Gozo
Credit: Deeper Blue

While you’re on board, you can make the most of your experience by asking the captain to stop at Malta’s best diving points. You can head to Crystal Lagoon in Camino for an easy dive as its calm waters have a shallow depth of 16 metres. Meanwhile, the cave and diving site in the Blue Hole in Gozo is ideal for a more adventurous stop.

2. Appreciate the Historic Architecture

Valletta Malta
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Despite being the tiniest capital in all of Europe, Malta’s capital city of Valletta is home to so much history and culture, it has earned it a well-deserved spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Built back in the 16th century, Valletta’s grid system was designed by the Knights of St. John.

The Beheading of St. John The Baptist
Credit: Caravaggio

As the years have gone by, the distinct medieval features are still alive and well in this Mediterranean city, with its Baroque façades and limestone buildings. And inside the glorious St. John’s Co-Cathedral, you can find the only signed Caravaggio masterpiece — The Beheading of St. John The Baptist.

3. Unwind with a Cup of Tea at Palazzo Parisio

Palazzo Parisio
Credit: Palazzo Parisio

Nestled in the northern town of Naxxar, the Palazzo Parisio has often been called a miniature version of Versailles, with its gilded rooms and lush greenery. A former home to Maltese nobility, the grand palace was refurbished by the aristocratic Scicluna family in the 19th century.

Palazzo Parisio Afternoon Tea
Credit: TripAdvisor

Fast-forward to today, and the palace is open to the public, where visitors can marvel at its opulent interior and relax in its Baroque-style gardens. You can truly immerse yourself in this illustrious estate by having afternoon tea at their lavish tearoom. Here, you’ll be treated like royalty as you’ll be served with a lovely selection of tea, an assortment of fresh sandwiches, and sumptuous pastries and cakes.

4. Enjoy a Game Night at Casino Malta Poker Club

InterContinental Malta Casino
Credit: InterContinental Malta

Located inside the luxurious InterContinental Malta hotel, the Casino Malta is the country’s grandest casino, with gorgeous views of St. George’s Bay. Housing over 300 slot machines, 29 fine felt gaming tables, and the prestigious Casino Malta Poker Club, this casino has the posh gaming environment you deserve while on holiday. What’s more, the well-loved poker club will give you a look inside the tiny country’s deep love for the game.

Casino Malta
Credit: Casino Malta

The Maltese revel in poker games, which is why you can expect some of the funny scenarios on PPPoker’s Instagram page to happen to you even during a tense game at the felt. While the Maltese certainly take their poker seriously, they also love to have a laugh too. And who knows, some of the memes featured on the aforementioned Instagram page, may have been borne out of some late-night sessions at the Casino Malta Poker Club.

There’s no need to be intimidated out of joining a table, as having a basic understanding of the game will help create a memorable and magical poker night in Malta.

5. Have a Feast at Caviar & Bull

Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort
Credit: Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort

A getaway to Malta wouldn’t be complete without dining at the renowned Caviar & Bull restaurant in the seaside town of St. Julian’s. Stationed at the upscale Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, the modern Mediterranean restaurant is headed by Maltese award-winning chef Marvin Gauci.

Caviar & Bull Restaurant St. JulianS Malta Corinthia Beach Resort
Credit: Quality Assured Malta

Your taste buds will certainly be satisfied with their delicious gastronomic dishes. Don’t forget to try out their signatures offerings, such as the seared wagyu beef carpaccio and Gauci’s Signature “The Lobster Popcorn.” For dessert, you can indulge in either their dark chocolate cake or lemon fondant cake while overlooking the spectacular views of the sea.

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