Spice Up Your Life (And Your Home) with Zazous Vinyl Floor Tiles

One of the troubles of home is that everything is familiar, expected. While you (hopefully) love where you live, most people describe coming home as “comfortable.” And while there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable at home, you should never feel bored or uninspired, and there’s a fine line between comfort and boredom. Rather than relegate yourself and your home to the lifestyle of the modest and average, why not take a chance on something fun? Why not add a little spice – and Zazous – to that home of yours?

Sorzano Foliage Vinyl Floor Tile Collection Zazous

Established in 2009 by its founder Kate Austin, Zazous is a UK brand with an eye for cool and quirky. Out to make a statement with a gorgeous selection of vinyl flooring, wall stickers, and furnishings, coupled with their perennially popular vinyl floor tiles, Zazous are single-handedly the best way to make an impact on the way your space looks and feels. And, the best part, you can install everything yourself. No specialists. No struggles.

Zazous Havana Day Vinyl Floor Tiles

Now launching its third collection of Vinyl Floor Tiles, Kate’s husband has also joined the Zazous team; success is no longer on the horizon for the brand – it’s in full swing. Maybe the company has been welcomed with such success because of the high quality of its products, which are all exclusively designed in the UK. “We love using authentic floor tiles from around the world as our inspirations,” says Kate, and the new collection is a perfect example. “Both of these (designs from the new collection) are taken from beautiful floors; one in Trinidad in Cuba and one from an old Riojan farmhouse in the village of Sorzano.”

Zazous Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles

Zazous Vinyl Floor Tile Collections

Stunning outside, inside, on walls and on floors, Zazous Vinyl Floor Tiles add a touch of the unexpected, making your home or space feel not just welcoming, but a welcoming surprise. Priced per square metre, the Zazous Vinyl Floor Tiles are wonderfully affordable, making your affinity for them even more enjoyable because, yes, they are within reach.

The Havana Vinyl Floor Collection

Designed with inspiration from intricate patterns used throughout Havana, these tiles mimic the same ones used throughout the historic architecture found in Cuba’s capital.

Havana Dawn Vinyl Floor Tiles Zazous

Havana Dawn Vinyl Floor Tiles

Slightly subdued, like the colours of a sunrise, the Havana Dawn Vinyl Floor Tiles are a beautiful way to subtly add pops of colour and design to your entrance or bathroom.

Havana Day Vinyl Floor Tiles Zazous

Havana Day Vinyl Floor Tiles

Strikingly blue, the Havana Day Vinyl Floor Tiles transport you to the sky that spans across the sandy beaches of Cuba. The floral-esque design will blossom beautifully down hallways and across kitchens. You could even use the design on the walls in your kitchen.

Zazous Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles

Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles

Keep your colours neutral while adding intrigue with the smart design found in the Havana Night Vinyl Floor Tiles. Sophisticated shades of black and grey ensure that your current home palette stays intact without missing out on all of the Zazous fun.

The Soranzo Vinyl Floor Tile Collection

On a trip to Rioja, a rural region of Spain, beautiful tiles with these patterns were found in a farmhouse on the outskirts of town. Inspired by the design and the striking visual effect the tiles had when grouped together, Zazous went to work on this brand new collection.

Sorzano Original Vinyl Floor Tiles Zazous

Sorzano Original Vinyl Floor Tiles

The word “Sorzano” actually refers to a design that features dark grey and mustard on top of a light grey background. These Original tiles keep the Spanish tradition well and truly intact and add a stunning burst of unexpected colour to wherever they are applied.

Zazous Sorzano Sage Vinyl Floor Tiles

Sorzano Sage Vinyl Floor Tiles

The Spanish pattern displayed in a muted grey tone, the Sorzano Sage Vinyl Floor Tile is an elegant choice for flooring in your home, especially across living and dining rooms.

Zazous Sorzano Foliage Vinyl Floor Tiles

Sorzano Foliage Vinyl Floor Tiles

And, finally, the very same beautiful Spanish pattern celebrated in an earthy green, the Sorzano Foliage Vinyl Floor Tiles are begging to be drenched in sun, whether streaming through your living room window or basking outside on your patio or balcony. This design also gives a nod to the nature-inspired botanical trend that has been so popular this year.

The Havana and Sorzano Vinyl Floor Tile Collections are priced at just £19.99 per square metre and Zazous offer a Next Working Day Delivery option as well as international shopping, so transforming your space couldn’t be easier. For more information on the Zazous Vinyl Floor Tile Collections and to shop the full range online, visit: zazous.co.uk

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