Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Collaboration: The OG Athletic Mashup We’ve Been Waiting For

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Collection The Re-Spin Edit

Athleisure has been cool for a while now, but only true OG’s have known about Sweaty Betty since its birth in the late 90s. A British-born retailer founded by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton, Sweaty Betty has always been turning fashion-savvy heads with its perfect-fit workout pieces and beautiful fabrics. But it wasn’t until 2012, when the Olympics landed in London, that the globe really started to understand what Sweaty Betty was all about. With its iconic “God Save The Queen” collection on an international stage, and everyone feeling inspired by the world’s best to turn up the notch on their training regimen, Sweaty Betty officially became the cool athleisure brand you needed to have.

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Karla Parka Jacket Lightweight Vanilla White

Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Karla Parker Jacket

Sweaty Betty

While other activewear brands have garnered more global recognition, Sweaty Betty has managed to shine in its own popularity, avoiding the crux of being simultaneously underground cool and worn by everyone. For that reason alone, Sweaty Betty continues to be sought after in its over sixty boutiques across the United Kingdom and United States (not to mention its concessions in both Harrods and Bloomingdales).

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Storm Power Shine Workout Bra Black Breathable Sweat Wicking

Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Storm Power Shine Workout Bra

Women’s Activewear

Offering a complete range of workout leggings (from power types to impressive “zero gravity” versions), bright and sleek active tops, wonderfully functional sports bras, tennis-inspired dresses, and all the accessories any real “Sweaty Betty” could appreciate, the brand is a one-stop-shop for perfectly paired workout kits and forever statement pieces that really do inspire you to sweat — and be proud of it.

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Vivian Zero Gravity Sculpt Running Leggings Black Ultra Lightweight Bum Sculpting Quick Dry

Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Vivian Zero Gravity Sculpt Running Leggings

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty

So, what exactly could make Sweaty Betty any more appealing? Here’s a hint: She’s one of the most recognised Hollywood stars in the world, she’s crazy fit, and, like Sweaty Betty, she’s one of those OG’s that manages to somehow remain cool and mysterious although nearly everyone “knows” her. She’s also arguably the sexiest Catwoman and Bond Girl the world has ever seen…

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Leticia Woven Track Top Water Resistant Jacket Beige

Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Leticia Woven Track Top

The rē•spin Edit

That’s right, Halle Berry, and her wellness brand Re-Spin has officially teamed up with Sweaty Betty to create some of the most “I-need-that” workout pieces of the decade. Bringing her sexy sleekness to the designs, Berry’s collaboration with Sweaty Betty offers bike shorts, sports bras, and hoodies that easily shapeshift from workout wear to upscale athleisure outfits in zero flat.

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Jinx Power Workout Vest Quick Drying Breathable Cropped Vest Racer Back Geometric Print

Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Jinx Power Workout Vest

Limited Edition Collection

A limited-edition collection, The rē•spin Edit is inspired by Berry’s public commitment to high-intensity workouts (check out her Instagram page if you want a serious workout high). Wanting to “give women who do any kind of martial arts or training a fashionable way to head to the gym” and still feel “sexy and feminine”, The rē•spin Edit is tough, cool, and seductive — something you would imagine Berry wearing during one of her intense martial arts training sessions.

Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty Collection The Re-Spin Edit Emily Strappy Back Dress Black

Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Emily Strappy Back Dress

Empowering Women

Of course, you can’t have Halle Berry do any kind of fashion collaboration without asking for an iconic, curve-hugging dress, which is exactly why The rē•spin Edit is savvy enough to include the Emily Strappy Back Dress, a tight, figure-hugging maxi dress with a criss-cross back, which, Berry argues, could definitely be worn on the elliptical…

Click here to find out more and shop the full Sweaty Betty x Halle Berry Collection

Sweaty Betty

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