Tancream™ The Innovative New Way To Protect Your Skin – And Still Get A Perfect Tan!

Finally, the holiday bag and everyday beauty essential you’ve been waiting for! Introducing Tancream™, an all-in-one skincare and tanning hybrid that cleverly combines sunscreen, instant bronzer and gradual self-tanning lotion for the face and body in one unique bottle!

For years we have been told that we must choose between beautifully tanned skin or healthy skin protected from sun damage. Either sacrifice your skin for moments of fleeting glory or spend your days at the beach hidden beneath cover-ups, hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen, slathered on like clockwork. You choose. Thankfully, this no longer has to be the case, with this innovative new tanning product Tancream™ hitting the market, we can now enjoy healthy, protected skin whilst still achieving that bronzed look we all love.

Tancream Luxury Premium Sun Cream Lotion with Self Tan and Bronzer Streak Free

Officially launched in May of this year, Tancream™ has an impressive and talented team of founders and innovators behind it – a lineup that is making both competitors and beauty influencers in this skincare niche turn their heads to take notice.

Gillian Robson, the co-founder and CEO of the company, had been working in the beauty industry for years, a happy and healthy mum. Then one day, like so many women, she found a mole on her leg that turned out to be cancerous. The mole and many others since have been removed, which prompted her to turn her attention and passion to creating a suncare product designed specifically for Men and Women who enjoy being active outside. With the help of Katy Foxcroft, co-founder and director, the idea for Tancream™, a product that provided superior protection whilst creating a beautiful tan, was born.

Tancream Premium Hydrating Suncream with SPF 50

Armed with the professional knowledge and innovation of Dr. Jack Ferguson, a renowned leader in the suncare field, and after years of testing and experimentation, the team, also including cosmetic chemist Johanna Warren, who formulated the final product, finally landed on the perfect formula that did everything they could have hoped for – and more.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun have emerged as a major contributor to the development of skin cancers. Faced with such odds, it is essential to choose a sunscreen formula that is truly capable of providing impenetrable protection against the sun. Which explains why even leading UK dermatologists are now endorsing the use of Tancream™ for its benefits.

The innovation behind Tancream™ is that it combines premium sun protection with self-tanning products, a problem that other skincare companies hadn’t been able to tackle in the past because of the varying and incompatible pHs of each of the individual products.

Tancream Luxury Premium Sun Protection with Gradual Self Tan and Instant Bronzer

Tancream™ is unlike any other product on the market because of its ability to combine SPF 50 and Ultra UVA daily defence sun protection with a streak-free gradual self-tan, instant bronzer and a colour corrector that evens your skin tone, whilst moisturizing and hydrating your skin and fighting the signs of ageing.

This amazingly innovative formula is a remarkable breakthrough in the cosmetic industry. Tancream™, then, has created a brand new niche for itself. An effective way to naturally develop a tanned look while protecting your delicate skin, Tancream™ is changing the way we take care of their skin. Offering a gradual self-tan and sun protection that won’t leave streaks or odours and is easy to apply, meaning we no longer have to choose between skin health and great looking skin. And thank goodness for that!

Tancream Luxury Premium Sun Protection with Gradual Self Tan and Instant Bronzer

A great way to protect, hydrate, and tan your skin, Tancream™ is already making splashes in the health and beauty industry this year, having been shortlisted for not one but two Pure Beauty Awards for Best Suncare & Tanning brand and Best New British Brand.

Tancream™ has also just been awarded a Global Excellence Award for Outstanding New Product and has been shortlisted for Beauty Magazine and OK! Magazine Beauty Innovation of the Year, rather impressive for a brand that isn’t even 6-months old!

As much as we adore basking in the sun and strive to achieve a gorgeous tan, the sun has always been the greatest enemy of our skin. Protecting your skin from the sun is serious, and the repercussions, like skin cancer and premature ageing and wrinkles, are real. So many young women and men opt for beautiful skin now at the sake of their health in the years to come. But now with Tancream™, they don’t have to. Not only does it protects the skin far better than most sunscreen lotions on the market, but it also makes it easier and more enjoyable to get a naturally bronzed tan. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

For more information and to purchase Tancream™ online, visit: tancream.co.uk

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