The Beauty of Creation + Finding Your Rebellious Self, The Story Behind Rose Paulino Swimwear

Coming home from school one day, Rose Paulino, the founder of the eponymous swimwear collection, discovered many of her favourite pieces of clothing cut up and destroyed, strewn on the floor of her foster care bedroom. Forced to be resilient thanks to her difficult childhood (Paulino entered the foster care system at age eleven, leaving behind parents that were both abusive and uninvolved), she found a way to cope, teaching herself how to sew and design in order to repair her clothes – and in turn her confidence.

Elektra Red One Piece Bodysuit Rose Paulino Swimwear

Fast forward to September 2017 and Paulino, now a fashion force in the swimwear niche is launching her own website, filling its pages with addictive silhouettes and designs that range from flirty to edgy. Her cult following, which she has dubbed her “rebels” (a nod to Victoria’s angels), has since its inception eagerly anticipated every new collection. But, her latest collection, Spektrum, which has just been released this July, is perhaps her most popular – several of her swimsuits have already sold out of their first round of production.

The Brand New Rose Paulino Spektrum Collection

Below we have included an overview of the New for Summer 2018, Rose Paulino Spektrum Swimwear Collection, featuring both one-piece swimsuits and two-piece bikinis.

Rose Paulino Swimwear Lily Two Piece Spektrum Collection

Rose Paulino Lily Two-Piece | Spektrum Collection

Among the newest designs, The Lily Two-Piece Bikini offers a pretty floral design with a romantic off-the-shoulder look that is as much “Rosie the Riveter” as it is “Girl Next Door”.

Rose Paulino Swimwear Bridget 2 Piece Swimsuit

Rose Paulino Bridget Two-Piece | Spektrum Collection

And, speaking of American classics, The Bridget Bikini offers Americana in a ruffled two-piece, the perfect suit for girls ready to flaunt it all. We love the sexy string tie bottoms.

Rose Paulino Marcy Swimsuit

Rose Paulino Marcy One-Piece | Spektrum Collection

A solid one-piece available in two gorgeous shades of blue, the Marcy suit is another ode to the confident feminine, offering a rebellious low cut neckline and a barely-there back.

Eliza One Piece Rose Paulino Swimwear

Rose Paulino Eliza One-Piece | Spektrum Collection

The Eliza suit uses a faux two-piece design and nautical stripes to create a flattering and playful aesthetic, the front tie element is just another reason to love this super cool look.

Nicole Two Piece Rose Paulino Swimwear

Rose Paulino Nicole Two-Piece | Spektrum Collection

A more classic bikini look and a super flattering fit, Nicole transports you immediately to far-off beaches, using Aztec inspired floral prints to make her anything but basic.

Jalisa Two Piece Rose Paulino

Rose Paulino Jalisa Two-Piece | Spektrum Collection

Similarly exotic, The Jalisa uses a fun yet sophisticated geometric print on a two-piece design that is made to hug your curves, making you feel confident and sexy day or night.

Elektra Red Rose Paulino Swimwear

Rose Paulino Elektra Red | Spektrum Collection

And then there’s the Elektra Red, a seriously hot standout piece, this fiery bodysuit utilises bold and electric rib cutouts to accentuate a woman’s “juicy curves” without sacrificing on comfort. When away from water, real rebels rock it with jeans and stilettos.

Even without her incredibly moving story, Paulino’s swimwear would be popular simply because it looks so good. But, thanks to the journey she has been on, Rose Paulino is a brand that many women can identify with, the founder’s words echoing feelings that awaken something that’s much more than skin deep. “Growing up I never had high self-esteem… Once I hit rock bottom, I had nowhere to go but up,” says Paulino. When asked about her journey, she said, “Through therapy and counselling I rebuilt my confidence and decided to wear it. I’ve always been an entrepreneur…I’m hungry for success.” And, looking at the launch of Spektrum as a gauge, Paulino’s hunger is well and truly being satisfied.

When asked what inspires and motivates her every day, Paulino said that she lives by a famous quote recited by American Investor Daymond John “you have to rise and grind”.

For more information on the Rose Paulino Spektrum Collection, visit:

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