The Étymologie Effect: Effective, Ethical, Empowering Skincare

In order to compete in the competitive and saturated world of skincare and beauty, new brands are needing to do so much more than just create good products. More than ever, the women of today are learning to be scrupulous with their skincare, understanding the importance of choosing products that are highly effective, as well as safe.

Etymologie Skincare Collection

While big brands have the benefit of big money to spend on advertising and marketing, smaller brands have the advantage of doing things their way. As a result, more and more of these small boutique brands are carving a niche for themselves within the once untouchable beauty industry, including the up-and-coming, proudly Canadian, natural skincare company, Étymologie.

Etymologie Founder Raquela Cheesmond
Étymologie Founder Raquela Cheesmond


“Etymology means the origin of words, and is the perfect name…as part of our philosophy is being inspired by traditional beauty rituals and ingredients from around the world,” says Raquela Cheesmond, founder of the brand. A McGill Biochemistry graduate, Raquela, and her team re-imagine these traditional ingredients, recreating them with modern, high-performance scientific formulas. “This concept is very true to our brand message which is to merge the old with the new, and the natural with the scientific, whilst continuously being inspired by the geographical and cultural origins of the ingredients we use.”

Etymologie Skincare Essentials

Étymologie formulates safe and effective products based on thorough research and extensive testing, all of which is done on real women. Crafted consciously, the effect of Étymologie’s process is simple: effective, ethical, empowering skincare you’ll love to use (and feel good about using, too!) Using only 100% natural ingredients and organic botanical oils, Étymologie sets itself apart from other skincare brands in part because of its unique, highly potent ingredients, many of which you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover you’ve never heard of. (Yes, there really are new things to try under the sun!)

Etymologie Hydrating Floral Elixir

Kigelia extract, for example, is known for its ability to plump and tighten the skin, making your face look fresh while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Created from the fruit of the African sausage tree, it is one of the key natural ingredients in Étymologie’s Hydrating Floral Elixir, which promises to not only safely hydrate your skin without any irritation, but also increase cell turnover and collagen production.

Etymologie Antioxidant Daily Defense Serum

Another potentially new name found in the ingredient line-up at Étymologie Skincare is mongogo oil, a seed extract packed with vitamin E, linoleic acid, and eleostearic acid so that it is anti-inflammatory and a powerful protector against free radicals, like pollutants and UV rays. Incredibly, mongogo oil creates a protective barrier on the skin when it is exposed to the sun, making it a smart addition to your morning skincare routine. The Étymologie Antioxidant Daily Defense Serum, a firm favourite of Raquela’s, contains this super-performing oil, along with khalahari melon and prickly pear seed oil in order to brighten and refresh the skin while also reducing the appearance of dark spots over time.

Etymologie Active Clay Cleanser

Although some of the ingredients used in the products might be foreign initially, the products themselves are simple, which is exactly what Raquela set out to do with Étymologie: help simplify the “increasingly complicated” skincare routines most women go through on a daily basis. “I sought to create a line of simple, targeted natural products that all women would look forward to using and that would give them real, long-term results,” she says, going on to say that, “Étymologie’s mission is to create innovative products that improve skin health, and reduce our environmental footprint through a commitment to sustainable ingredient sourcing, packaging, and production methods.”

Miracle Oil Etymologie

Effective, ethical and empowering isn’t just a tagline for the company; it’s an ethos that Raquela and her dedicated team live by. And, as part of that guiding mission, for every sale of Étymologie’s Miracle Oil, a percentage is donated to the charity Artistri Sud to help provide entrepreneurship training to women in developing countries. To find out more about Étymologie Natural Skincare and view the full collection online, visit:

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