The Fine Life Review: The Perfect Hot Drink just to your liking!

The Fine Life Brand was developed in 2014 by Linda Feinholz, a successful woman in business who is passionate about creating products for true food & drink connoisseurs who love to experiment with distinctive flavours and quality tastes.

As well as bringing her fantastic product innovations to the UK, Linda has used her business consultant background to help support a number of independent tea and coffee producers, including The Gilded Teapot, a specialist loose leaf tea supplier from Dorset.

The Fine Life Products

As a huge Tea and Coffee fan, I was looking forward to reviewing The Fine Life products.  Not too long ago I invested in an expensive bean-to-cup coffee machine to satisfy my cravings for the early morning and afternoon slump lifesaving caffeine hit!

Whilst there’s no denying that instant coffee has improved dramatically over the years as our obsession with the hot stuff continues to grow, even these so called barista style instant coffees seem to be missing a vital ingredient, they just don’t hit the spot for me.

The Fine Life Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer

When the products arrived from The Fine Life I was immediately impressed, everything was really well packaged, nicely branded and had a quality look and feel to it.

The first item I tried out was The Fine Life Loose Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer I admit that I was initially sceptical that I would get on with this particular product, having tried cafetieres in the past, I always found them to be hard to clean, slow brewing, wasteful due to the size and generally just a bit too much of a faff! However this product proved to be none of those things!

The Fine Life

Unlike a cafetiere this dual purpose product allows you to brew both tea, using loose leaves or coffee, using ground coffee, allowing you to choose the blend and strength, ensuring freshness every time. The Guatemala Montie Fleur gourmet roasted coffee from The Gilded Teapot was smooth, refined and simply delicious!

The Fine Life

It couldn’t be more easy to use, you simply add your chosen tea or coffee to the infuser, pour in boiling water and brew! Unlike using teabags, the leaves have space to move freely and therefore release more flavour.

The Fine Life Ideal Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer

After a few minutes (depending on your preferred strength) you place the bottom dispensing infuser directly on top of your mug and the patented drain mechanism releases your tea or coffee, the perfect amount for a large mug or 2 cups.

The fine mesh strainer keeps the leaves or ground coffee behind, producing the perfect hot drink just to your liking!

The Fine Life

The infuser is made from a clear, highly durable and BPA free (no nasty chemicals) plastic, so you can see the contents brewing and decide on the strength. It is easy to clean and is small enough to be stored away neatly.

It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear that The Fine Life spend months refining their products, they seem to have thought of everything, there is a sizer included to make it suitable for use with any size mug, a coaster and even a little spoon to measure out your tea or coffee.

The Fine Life Coffee Brewer

I was also sent The Fine Life Magic Mug, which reveals the quote “I’m Living… The Fine Life” as it warms, illuminating it, which is strangely addictive to watch! Perfect for those of you like me who prefer an over-sized mug, infact it’s a long standing joke in our house that I present guests with a bucket of tea! For me you just can’t beat a large cuppa that you can wrap your hands around and this one has become my favourite!

The Fine Life Magic Mug

Finally, I tried The Fine Life Oil Mister, a product boasting five-star reviews on Amazon in the US, I couldn’t wait to find out what all the fuss was about! And it certainly didn’t disappoint, perfect for anyone who enjoys healthy living and flavoursome food! This reusable product is fantastic!

Unlike expensive and unhealthy aerosol sprays, The Fine Life Oil Mister uses a pump action and natural air pressure to release a fine mist spray, you can add your own choice of oil and it can also be used for adding balsamic vinegar to salads. There is virtually no waste, it’s easy to refill and to clean, and even the bottle has been designed to look good on your kitchen worktop, such a simple yet ingenious invention!

The Fine Life Oil Mister

The Fine Life believe in excellence, these are not just products that have been made simply to fill a gap in the market, a great deal of research and refining has gone into designing clever products that just work.

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