The Good Zest Company: Delivering on the Promise of Pure and Natural

The Good Zest Company

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Unfortunately, that well-known line doesn’t seem to cross into our shopping habits, where we all too often find ourselves seduced by bold promises and beautiful packaging, only to later discover that we were misled — and paid for it.

Thankfully, not all businesses want to trick you into buying their products. In fact, there’s a growing number of small startups that are eager to deliver on their promises, taking care of you and their reputation, and all while taking money away from the High Street brands that want to keep you in the dark.

Organic and Vegan Lemon Zest Soap The Good Zest Company

The Good Zest Company

One of those companies, and one of our new favourite obsessions, is The Good Zest Company. Founded by Rose Sergeant, a housewife who had enough of being duped by expensive marketing tactics, especially in the health and beauty industry, The Good Zest Company offers a range of certified organic hair and body products, ones that are kind to skin and exceptionally good at delivering on their promises.

The Good Zest Company Products

Essential Zest Oils

Infused with Rose’s passion for Aromatherapy and its vast benefits, all of The Good Zest Company’s products harness the health benefits of these amazing scents, which means you can indulge whether you’re washing your hair or taking a shower. Offering certified organic products for hair care and body care, The Good Zest Company also has a selection of eco-friendly gift sets and organic & vegan handmade soaps.

The Good Zest Company Certified Organic Lemon Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Organic Haircare

And while we’re quickly becoming fans of every single product from this phenomenally conscious beauty brand, the two that started our infatuation were the shampoos and conditioners. Certified organic, these haircare staples have been completely upgraded by The Good Zest Company, which understands that what we put on our skin (including our scalp) is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Good Zest Company Certified Organic Haircare Products

Certified Organic

When you take a close look at any mainstream (even high end) shampoos and conditioners, you’ll quickly notice that they’re packed with harsh chemicals, ones that don’t even serve a real purpose. (Sulphates, for example, are only added to shampoos in order to make extra lather so that you feel like your hair is getting clean. And, unfortunately, this ingredient not only gets absorbed into your body, but it also strips your hair of its natural oils, causing far more damage than good.)

The Good Zest Company Lemon Zest Oils Beauty Products

Aluminium Bottles

The Good Zest Company’s shampoos and conditioners are also vegan, cruelty-free, and waste-free, demonstrating the brand’s real commitment to being as “pure and natural” as possible. Every bottle of shampoo and conditioner is packaged in aluminium, a great alternative to plastic (and so much chicer in your bathroom, too). Around the world, the recycling rate for plastic bottles is less than 30%. But, when it comes to aluminium, almost 75% of all aluminium products ever produced are still in use. Not to mention, aluminium is more often recycled than plastic products.

The Good Zest Company Weekend-Away Travel Set Zero Plastic Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Zero Plastic

To help its busy customers, The Good Zest Company offers a free bottle returns option, which includes the incentive of 10% off future purchases if you choose to opt-in. Doing so much more than just talking the talk, The Good Zest Company is one of our favourite examples of a conscious, natural company really living up to its promises — and, in turn, helping you live up to your promise of being a more conscious consumer, too.

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