The Jewelry Palette Rethinking Natural Pearl and Gemstone Jewellery with the Art of Fusion

Adrianna Grey Pearl and Glittering Zircon Set The Jewelry Palette

When you think of a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace, chances are the images you see are similar, if not identical, to those that most of us conjure up. The same can be true with gemstone jewellery, which has long been created in the same form and fashion as the type of jewellery your mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother would have worn. And, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with following tradition, it’s always exciting to see innovation happening right under your nose. And, when that innovation happens in the jewellery world, the result is as stunning as it is exciting.

The Jewelry Palette Zara White Square Freshwater Pearl and Grey Blue Gemstone Necklace
Zara Freshwater Pearl and Blue Grey Kyanite Gemstone Set

The Jewelry Palette

That kind of reimagining is happening right now at The Jewelry Palette, a small online boutique offering handcrafted natural pearl and gemstone jewellery to customers around the world. Focusing on the art of fusion, The Jewelry Palette is making a name for itself by bringing together a variety of inspiration, from colourful and modern, to understated and classic. Created by three generations of women, Mum, Nargis; Daughter, Nadia; and Granddaughter, Simra, The Jewelry Palette is anything but ordinary.

Gianna Multicolor Baroque Coin Pearl Necklace The Jewelry Palette
Gianna Multicolour Baroque Coin Pearl Necklace

Pearl & Gemstone Jewellery

With each and every pearl and gemstone handpicked and then designed into breathtaking and unique pieces of art, The Jewelry Palette is a breath of fresh air when it comes to accessories. Featuring a wide selection of earrings, bracelets, hand-knotted necklaces, and chains in a fusion of extraordinary designs, customers can choose coordinated sets (like matching necklaces and earrings) or purchase pieces individually.

The Jewelry Palette Inci Collection Defne White Freshwater Pearl and Unique Green Pendant Necklace
Defne Lustrous Gold and Freshwater Pearl Set

Stunning Works Of Art

Each jewellery collection created by The Jewelry Palette features a common thread of inspiration, helping to tell the story behind the pieces, and adding layers of complexity that go deeper than just appearance. (Although if you were to judge just on appearance, these collections would do plenty to compel you that, yes, they are necessary.)

Grey Pearl and Glittering Zircon Earrings and Necklace Set
Adrianna Grey Pearl and Glittering Zircon Set

Bijoux Collection

Just landed! The New Bijoux Collection is full of intricate pieces that you’ll simply adore. Beautifully chic and sophisticated whilst at the same time highly wearable. The Bijoux Collection features stunning colour combinations including lustrous pink pearls with rose gold, and white, grey, and lavender pearls enhanced by sparkling silver and rose gold zircon-encrusted beads. Choose from pieces like the classy and elegant Adrianna grey pearl and glittering zircon earrings and necklace set, or the Bijoux Bracelet Stack.

Bijoux Bracelet Stack
Bijoux Bracelet Stack

Inci Collection

The Inci Collection is inspired by The Jewelry Palette’s passion for the Turkish language and the beauty of the country itself. (Inci means pearl in Turkish.) A signature collection from The Jewelry Palette featuring classic pearls designed in contemporary fashion, here you’ll find pieces like the eye-catching Alara Necklace, Defne Set, and Miray Earrings.

Miray Brilliant Gold Clover and White Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings

Jawahir Collection

The Jawahir Collection is also inspired by travels to the Middle East. (Jawahir means jewels in Arabic.) Its unique pieces are defined by vibrant-hued gemstones, lustrous pearls, and the elegant shimmer of gold and silver. Exotic, vintage, and contemporary all at once, some of the most stunning pieces in this luxurious collection include the Zara Set with freshwater pearls and blue-grey kyanite, and the Simra Set featuring gold and amethyst.

Simra Jewellery Set Amethyst Gold Pearl
Simra Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl Set

Moneta Perla Collection

In Italy, moneta perla means coin pearl, which inspired the name for another beloved collection by The Jewelry Palette. Featuring truly mesmerising pieces, the Moneta Perla Collection showcases stunning combinations of lustrous coin pearls with unique pendants, chains, and gemstones. For a quick glimpse into the style, indulge in the multicoloured Gianna Necklace, Francesca Set, or Lorette Pendant Necklace.

Lorette Blue Baroque Coin Pearl with Luxe Silver Pendant Necklace
Lorette Blue Baroque Coin Pearl with Luxe Silver Pendant Necklace

One Of A Kind Pieces

And if you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, The Jewelry Palette also features a selection of One Of A Kind Pieces, ranging from a Green Amethyst and Pearl Necklace and Earring Set to Rose Gold Pearl Drop Earrings and Coral Bracelets. Needless to say, if you haven’t explored the world of The Jewelry Palette yet, now is the time.

Green Amethyst and Pearl Necklace The Jewelry Palette
Green Amethyst and Pearl Set

For more information and to shop the collections online, visit:

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