The Latest Luxury Accessories from That Scrunchie Girl – La Collezione Estiva

In case you haven’t noticed, those old-school trends we wore throughout high school are back. But, before you pull out that brown box marked 1990, remember that, while many of those same fashion trends are back in style, they have been undeniably updated. So much so that you’ll be convinced into thinking they are cool again. (And, guess what, they are!)

Luxury Scrunchie Hair Accessory

Case in point: Beyonce in a killer Alexander Wang skort (yes, skort, that same fashion in the front and function in the back staple we all know so well). Another fashion flashback ready for 2019? The scrunchie. Of course, these aren’t the same scrunchies you remember. This particular breed of scrunchie is chic, sexy and effortlessly cool. Case in point: That Scrunchie Girl and their latest collection of wrist/hair accessories.

Luxury Scrunchie Emerald Green White Black

In fact, That Scrunchie Girl scrunchies are so “in” right now, you can instantly update any look by adding one, whether to your wrist or around your pony. Magically amping up your style score, these Australian-made scrunchies are your best bet for all 2019 accessorising. And, if you get in on the trend now, you just might beat Queen Bey to the punch.

Lxury Scrunchies by That Scrunchie Girl

La Collezione Estiva

Ready to scrunch? The hottest place to start is That Scrunchie Girl’s brand new collection La Collezione Estiva. Heres what we can’t wait to get our hands on right now:-

Emerald Green Black and White Scrunchie

That Modello Scrunchie

Adding a splash of pattern to your look with a unique circular line design and easy-to-match colours (emerald green, black and white), this scrunchie brings out your best, especially when you’re wearing simple black or white.

Sand Straw Textured Luxury Scrunchie

That Dolce Scrunchie

A one-of-a-kind statement that literally goes with everything, this adorable textured scrunchie looks as good on your wrist or ankle as it does in your hair. Try wearing it with your favourite bikini, wedges or straw hat for an effortlessly cool summer look.

White Italian Leather Scrunchie

That I Know You Want Me – White

There are cute scrunchies, and then there are Italian leather scrunchies. This is the latter (and gosh are we thrilled it’s here). The white leather scrunchie “it girls” have been waiting for, this unique accessory literally goes with everything. Dress it up, dress it down or take your #allwhiteeverything to the next level.

Orange Scrunchie

That Arancia Scrunchie

For those who like to be bold, the season’s hottest look-at-me colour. This scrunchie pops like that orange Fanta you know you want. We love the statement this one makes against denim and white, but you have full permission to do you 100%.

Luxury Scrunchies

Luxurious materials and smart styling has made That Scrunchie Girl one of the hottest accessory brands around. And Fabiana, the designer behind the company, shows no sign of her brilliance running out. With more one-of-a-kind products in the works, as well as a brand new line for girls (think the cutest matchy-match mum-daughter outfits ever), That Scrunchie Girl has officially revived the scrunchie. (And our wrists and ponytails couldn’t be happier about it.) To view all of the collections, visit:

That Scrunchie Girl Logo

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