The Organic Yoga Props You Need to Create That Studio Vibe You’ve Been Wanting

Yoga lovers, pay attention: Unless you are using organic yoga products and props, your practice (no matter how OM-azing it makes you feel), is harming the planet. Because yoga has become so consumer-centric over the past decade, even the most well-meaning students, teachers, and studio owners can be contributing to some pretty serious issues, including environmental pollution.

Yoga Props

Aware of the problem, Ekotex Yoga, the family-run supplier based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is on a mission to change the way yoga products are created. Recently featured in the pages of Vogue, this forward-thinking brand provides organic yoga mats, props, and accessories to conscious yogis around the globe. The brand, which began in 2017, focuses on using organic materials to create products that feel great to the touch, outlast the competition, and do their part to reduce environmental contamination.

Organic Yoga Props Sandbags Bolsters and Blankets

Intelligently designing each and every product, from bolsters and cushions to sticky mats and blankets, Ekotex Yoga is fighting the contradictions so often present within the yoga industry. In fact, the majority of yoga mats used around the world are created from virgin plastic, which means every time a yoga mat is bought, more plastic is being put into the world. (And, newsflash, plastic doesn’t just go away once it’s made.)

Yoga Studio Props Professional Equipment

Committed to being genuinely environmentally friendly, Ekotex Yoga strives to choose natural alternatives that also happen to be cost-effective and comfortable. Rather than using PVC, PER (poly environmental-resin) is chosen instead. Everywhere possible, Ekotex Yoga opts for the conscious, environmentally intelligent choice – you’ll find recyclable tapes, recycled paper and in-warehouse LED lighting.

Organic Cotton D-Ring Yoga Belts

Ekotex Yoga Props

Quickly earning a loyal following of yoga students and instructors from all around the globe, the brand is known for its restorative essentials and yoga props (as well as excellent wholesale discounts). So, if you’re looking for your new favourite yoga prop, whether for your at-home studio or your business, Ekotex Yoga has products you can actually feel good about. (And, once you prop yourself up in Supta Baddha Konasana, there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling better than good!)

Below are a few of our top prop picks:

Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolster Cushion Yoga Prop

OCS Certified Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolsters

Bright and beautiful, you’ll love the array of colours available for these feel-good essentials. The easy-to-remove covers and firm support offered by buckwheat (rather than cotton or manmade foam) have made this product Ekotex Yoga’s bestseller.

Organic Cotton Rectangular Bolster Cushion Yoga Prop

Organic Cotton Rectangular Bolsters

Available in four different colours, the rectangular version of the popular organic cotton bolster is ideal for supporting the spine. It also doubles as a great meditation cushion and an intelligent prop for elevating the hips in seated positions.

Organic Cotton Yoga Blankets

Organic Yoga Blankets

A classic yoga essential, these organic yoga blankets are handwoven in India. Completely machine washable, you’ll love how well they roll and fold, making them a versatile accessory for inversions, reclining postures, backbends and all seated positions. The two colours available, Natural and Greyish Blue, are beautiful yet understated.

Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolster Cushion Yoga Prop

By choosing Ekotex Yoga products, you help spread the message about the importance of being a conscientious consumer, putting an end to the harmful contradictions that are so prevalent in the yoga world today. Backed with outstanding product reviews (and testimonials from yoga teachers), Ekotex Yoga is a yoga company for those truly committed to embodying the principles of the practice.

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