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Relief Bundle Hemp Infused Beauty Products

With the majority of the public’s attention focused on the cannabis debate (yay or nay? recreational or medicinal?), hemp, a variety of the cannabis sativa plant, is often overlooked. Whether relegated to “hippy” lifestyles or completely avoided because of propaganda and misinformation, hemp has long been the quiet little sister of the cannabis family. Thankfully, that’s all beginning to change as more and more innovators and entrepreneurs are embracing the powerful benefits (and there are a lot) of this little plant.

Hemp Infused Beauty Products

Hemp Beauty

In the world of beauty, hemp is gaining recognition because of its ability to soothe and hydrate skin. And, by integrating hemp infusions into other body products, like lotions and oils, you can reap other amazing benefits, too — like stress relief and joint pain.

Curious about hemp infusion beauty products? So too was Sabrenna Anderson-Smith, a licensed skincare specialist and the founder and formulator behind LillyPearlBeauty Co., which was named after her great-grandmother, “Momma Lilly”.

Always drawn to academia, Sabrenna used her thirst for knowledge to help her to produce a line of products that combine the powerful benefits of hemp and plant-based skin food, whilst creating a brand that is simple, organic, natural — and, oh, super effective, too.

LillyPearlBeauty Co. Hemp Infusions Natural Skincare Products

LillyPearlBeauty Co.

Each of the LillyPearlBeauty Co. products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and integrity possible. This small company started off by offering it’s Infused Body Mousse, which is now well known for its ability to moisturise, soften, and soothe problem skin, while simultaneously offering relief from sore muscles and joint pain. Since the success of this initial product, LillyPearlBeauty Co. has grown its range to offer four all-natural, non-GMO products — all boasting the benefits of hemp infusions.

Hemp Infused Body Care

Hemp Infusions

Because LillyPearlBeauty Co. relies on hemp to formulate its products, Sabrenna sought to find the most sustainable and conscious hemp farming communities across the United States. These exclusive hemp farmers are the sole suppliers for all of the LillyPearlBeauty Co. products. Categorised into Topicals and Body, the four products each offer unique benefits and can be purchased separately or in bundles to suit your skincare needs.

LillyPearlBeauty Co. Hemp Beauty Products Skincare

Hemp Topicals

Designed for body aches, the topicals are plant-powered solutions that use an infusion of high-performance, full-spectrum hemp to create a natural and healthy inflammatory response. Once applied, these topicals almost instantly ease sore muscles and joints thanks to the concentrated levels of phytocannabinoid-rich extract.

LillyPearlBeauty Co. Hemp Infusions Topicals

Hemp Skincare

One of the most popular topical products is LillyPearlBeauty Co.’s Salve.ation, which is fast-absorbing and works to relieve irritated skin. The other, the Infused Healing Balm, offers even more, especially for sensitive and delicate skin. Capable of lightening hyperpigmentation, diminishing fine lines & wrinkles, and brightening darkness under the eyes, the Infused Healing Balm is a must-try product for anyone interested in having a personal revelation when it comes to the powerful benefits of hemp.

Hemp Body Care LillyPearlBeauty Co.

Hemp Body Care

LillyPearlBeauty Co.’s other products, the Infused Body Mousse and Infused Body Oil can be found in the Body Collection, both offer deep head-to-toe nourishment for your skin. Whether you’re looking to soothe irritation, boost hydration, or reduce pain and soreness, the healthy dose of full-spectrum hemp extract will more than exceed your expectations!

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