The Slow Beauty Movement: Introducing Scandinavian Minimalist Brand The Beauty Archive

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Scandinavian minimalism has gained approval from interior designers around the world for the last several decades. Although currently at a standoff with the boho-chic eclectic vibes that have found their home under hashtags like #maximalist and #eclectichome, there is something serene about minimalist simplicity, something that, when considering the “maximal” ways so many of us are forced to live with over-scheduling and constant information bombardment, instantly puts you and your mind at ease.

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And, to further defend the necessity for simple, so often “maximal living” is inextricably connected to the belief that we constantly have to do more, be more, achieve more in order to show the world just how valuable we are. Rather than living simply, slowly, we’re convinced that life needs to complex, fast, amassing things and titles in order to prove our worth. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with living fast-paced or setting high standards and goals. In fact, so many of us really do thrive on that. But, when we start to lose sight of the why because we’re moving too quickly, that’s where the trouble starts to take hold.

The Slow Beauty Movement

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I Do! Lip Tint

This realisation is how Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson, makeup artist founder and CEO of Swedish beauty brand The Beauty Archive, got started. Wanting to develop a “slow beauty” brand, one that encouraged women to not just take care of their skin, but to truly nurture themselves, The Beauty Archive features a range of “effortless beauty” products, ranging from organic, all-natural products for your lips and cheeks to sustainable, 100% vegan illuminating creams and high quality retractable precision makeup brushes.

The Beauty Archive The Reds Lips and Cheeks

The Reds

Each product found at The Beauty Archive takes Scandinavian minimalism to heart, completely free of GMOs, nanoparticles, parabens and fragrances. Carefully crafted in small batches and poured individually by hand, using something from this conscious Swedish brand’s exclusive collection of products compels you to slow down so that you can appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into it.

The Beauty Archive Wedding Cake Lip Balm

Wedding Cake Lip Balm

Looking at The Wedding Collection and the stunning Bridal Makeup Look Book that accompanies it, you immediately understand the capabilities of The Beauty Archive. Whether you want to achieve a natural glow or a completely elegant look, these Swedish beauty products fit the bill, which means you really can slow down and enjoy the process.

Our Exclusive Interview with Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson – Founder and CEO, The Beauty Archive

We sat down with Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson, Founder and CEO of The Beauty Archive, to ask her about her company and what the “slow beauty” movement means to her.

Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson Founder & CEO of The Beauty Archive

What inspired you to start The Beauty Archive?
Working as a makeup artist made me aware of the composition of makeup and skincare products. Beyond a pretty blush or foundation, I wanted to know what was actually in the product I was applying to my clients’ skin and how it interacts with it. With a growing consciousness on how our daily use of beauty products may affect our skin, mind and body, as well as the environment long-term, I decided to make a change. This change became the start of The Beauty Archive.

Can you tell us more about how The Beauty Archive creates its products?
Our colour cosmetics are produced locally on the southeast coast of Sweden, close to the ocean and nature. We develop our pots in our studio to assure the highest standard and freshness of our products. Every part of the process is made by hand. The only product manufactured abroad is our innovative retractable precision brush, which we developed together with one of the world’s leading Italian brush companies. Each of these brushes is also handmade.

What makes The Beauty Archive brand so unique?
I want to create makeup staples that carry a story and a philosophy of self-care and love. The Beauty Archive tells the story of slow beauty, a new approach to high-quality sustainable makeup, and does so with an exclusive feel and look that is not only consciously produced but also based on my Scandinavian heritage, complete with clean and modern aesthetics. I design makeup for everyone, for beginners to pros, and always with a lot of love.

Which is your personal favourite product from The Beauty Archive?
Each product is made with a vision and has a genuine story behind it. But, if I need to choose one product, today I would say that Wedding Cake has a special place in my heart. Wedding Cake is our transparent lip balm and is the first product I ever created. My husband, family and friends served as the real live test panel… A little over one year from the first batch and the balm was ready. I am so proud of this yellow creamy balm. I named it in celebration of my own wedding in 2016. This year it received a nomination for Best Lip Balm of the Year in the Swedish Organic Beauty Awards 2018. (Winner is yet to be announced as this goes to press.)

Who do you feel The Beauty Archive’s products are made for?
We wish that everyone feels welcome in the TBA family and is able to enjoy our products. But, if I were to describe our main customer it would be a woman in her thirties, passionate about living her life to the fullest while also practising self-care. She cares about making conscious decisions, which reflects in her lifestyle and beauty choices. Our customer cares for all elements of her beauty routine, from the exclusive composition of the product to its outer design. I believe that we all want to feel a connection to a brand (so that) we can stay loyal to it. I strive for long-term relationships and I hope that our customers feel that they truly are important.

What are your plans for the future?
I am always in the mood for creating, so, in some way or another, I can assure new things will be coming. Creating conscious beauty is a process that can’t be forced and I want to make sure all parts of it, from the manufacturing to the design choices, are mindfully made and that we never compromise the quality of the finished product… I promise it will be filled with lots of colour, inspiration and love.

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Effortless Beauty

So, whether you decide to finally embrace minimalism or not when it comes to your home, you can (and should) be tempted to see how “slow beauty” will transform your life. Your beauty routine is something you do every single day, which means that it’s just as important as what you eat. Choosing a brand you can trust to provide you with quality, easy-to-use products that are created lovingly by hand is a sure way to not just get the results you want, but to do so while being conscious of the planet and everyone that calls it home. For more information and to shop the range online, visit:

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