The Stylish New Lineup at HOUSE of BOTTA You Won’t Want To Miss

Matiabeachwear at HOUSE of BOTTA

With a reputation for being an exclusive online meeting place for some of the world’s top up-and-coming talent in the fashion world, HOUSE of BOTTA is raising the bar yet again with an exciting new lineup of brands for this season, all of which are available from their easy-to-shop online department store. As the launch of the platform’s two exclusive new categories, Pets and Homeware, starts to gain traction with their ever-growing dedicated audience of both men and women, it’s only logical that many of the new brands now being offered on HOUSE of BOTTA have a strong reputation within their respective niches.

Dogs and Horses at HOUSE of BOTTA

Dogs & Horses | HOUSE of BOTTA

Both Dogs & Horses, a stylish option for handcrafted pet products (like leather collars and leads), and Archipelago London, known for their contemporary Grecian-inspired collections of hand-finished ceramics, set the bar high for the Pets and Homeware brands yet to join in, and considering the reputation HOUSE of BOTTA has for choosing brands that offer exceptional quality and unique designs, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Archipelago London at HOUSE of BOTTA

Archipelago London | HOUSE of BOTTA

Maryna Tasker, the Co-Founder of HOUSE of BOTTA, explains that one of the reasons so many talented designers and brands collaborate with them is because they are a “fair trade platform,” one where vendors get to keep an almost unheard of 90% RRP. The reason for this, Maryna says, is to support “small and new creators and designers,” ensuring they “can afford to develop as well as maintain high quality.” This ethical way of doing business makes HOUSE of BOTTA stand out among other e-commerce department stores.

Matiabeachwear at HOUSE of BOTTA


Among the fresh brands being featured in HOUSE of BOTTA’s latest collections for spring summer 2018 is MATIABEACHWEAR, a swimwear and surf lifestyle brand out of Germany and Portugal with stunning beachwear that is designed to “underline the natural beauty of a woman’s body.” Known for their minimalistic aesthetics, MATIABEACHWEAR looks and feels natural, creating silhouettes women can feel confident, sexy, and relaxed in.

Aurein Swim at HOUSE of BOTTA

Aurein Swimwear | HOUSE of BOTTA

Another exciting luxury swimwear brand to join the lineup at HOUSE of BOTTA is Aurein Swimwear, a fun family brand that is focused on creating poolside pieces for mums (their beautiful new bodies) and their gorgeous babies. Designed to allow movement and in shapes and materials that look seriously great on every body, a swimsuit from Aurein Swim will be one you’ll want to take with you everywhere this summer (and the next).



The popular jewellery collection at HOUSE of BOTTA is adding pieces by TISSUVILLE, a Scandinavian brand out of Stockholm that is stylishly sophisticated and yet refreshingly simple. Designed to “evoke emotions,” TISSUVILLE underscores HOUSE of BOTTA’s desire to continue supporting designers who are innovating within the world of fashion.

Relax Baby Be Cool at HOUSE of BOTTA

Relax Baby Be Cool | HOUSE of BOTTA

But perhaps the most anticipated new brand to join HOUSE of BOTTA is RBBC, also known as Relax Baby Be Cool. Beloved by its cult followers for being a safe haven for “timeless eccentrics,” the pieces featured on HOUSE of BOTTA exude a passion and unique perspective that is impossible to replicate. From cocktail dresses to tea dresses cut from funky cool fabric, if there’s one thing on our wish list this season, it’s a RBBC Maxi Skirt paired, of course, with a freshly poured cocktail. Summer, are you here yet?

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