Tinyppl: Modern Children’s Homeware You Will Want Everywhere In Your Home

The days of saying, “That’s the children’s room,” are coming to a decisive end. Thanks to apartment living, smaller homes, and the desire to actually spend time with your little munchkins, the new trend is to integrate your child’s life with your own as much as possible. But, one look at the majority of children’s homeware available, and you can quickly decide to regress. Who wants to live in a house that looks cheap, tacky, or cluttered with poorly designed, commodity-style homeware?

Tinyppl My Dreamland Cotton Bedding Baby Children Scandi Style

Well, if you can relate to the question above, then you’ve found your answer in Tinyppl, the delightfully modern, wonderfully and intelligently designed children’s homeware company you’ve been looking for. Like most successful businesses, Tinyppl was created in an effort to solve a problem. Lu, the savvy London-based mum behind the brand and former creative director, was dismayed at the items she found when looking to decorate her home for her now 2-year-old daughter, Lara.

“I realised as I attempted to decorate my daughter’s nursery that there weren’t many UK brands out there that fitted in with our style and home. So one December evening I began to design my own prints. This quickly spread to designing prints for friends and Tinyppl was born,” says Lu when asked about how her now thriving homewares brand began.

Tinyppl Wise Owl Organic Cotton Cushion

One of the things that sets Tinyppl apart from other children’s homeware brands is Lu’s exceptionally artistic eye for design. The company’s range of adorable personalised prints are so beautiful that you will gladly welcome them into any room of your home.

Just as you will welcome Tinyppl’s organic cotton textiles, which are all sustainably and ethically sourced, as well as produced by small family run companies in the UK, EU, and India. These products can be found in three different collections, Bedtime, Playtime, and Monochrome, all of which are the perfect balance of kid-friendly and style-approved.

Tinyppl Cotton Bedding Childrens My Dreamland


Take your baby’s nursery and sleeping spaces to somewhere delightfully dreamy with the help of Tinyppl’s Bedtime Collection. A favourite among stylish customers, the My Dreamland Bedding comes in two sizes and features a unisex grey and yellow pattern inspired by children’s bedtime routines on one side and a solid grey on the other side. The ultra-comfortable and super soft organic cotton will make getting your children into bed easy. It’s the getting out of bed part that might become more tricky!

Large Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket Tinyppl Monochrome Range

Equally comfortable is the Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket, which features a geometric heart design. Available in cool neutral shades that go with everything, these super high-quality blankets that have been designed to keep babies and children comfortable and warm by regulating body temperature can be used all over your home. They look as stylish in your baby’s crib as they do folded over a chair or the arm of your living room sofa.

Tinyppl Sleepy Fox Cushion


When it’s time to play, nobody makes it look as good as Tinyppl’s Playtime Collection. Their cute animal organic cotton cushions, like the Sleepy Fox Cushion pictured above, use clean, modern lines, taking a cue from Scandinavian-inspiration, to create a design that’s fun for kids without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Tinyppl My First Playground Large Monochrome Cotton Padded Playmat

Monochrome Nursery

The perfect collection for shared spaces, Tinyppl’s Monochrome Collection features organic cotton products that use simple black and white designs that allow you to decorate your baby’s nursery or child’s play space with incredible ease. While the Cheeky Raccoon Cushion adds a playful whimsy touch to any room, the My First Playground Padded Play Mat allows for stylish functionality. And the Knitted Cotton Blanket is so comfortable and soft you just might find yourself tucked underneath it on a chilly evening.

Tinyppl Monochrome Cotton Range

At last, a children’s homewares company we can really get excited about! Want to create that stylish modern nursery you’ve always dreamt about? Tinyppl is the place to start. For more information and to shop all of the stylish collections online, visit: tinyppl.com

Tinyppl Childrens Homeware Logo

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