Top 5 Apps for the Creative Homeowner

According to the latest statistics on Statista, the number of mobile phone users in the UK is expected to spike to 53.96 million by 2022. This should come as no surprise, especially given how versatile today’s mobile apps have become.

These days, apps have been developed to help with just about everything a homeowner might need. Hive View shows how security cameras nowadays can be aesthetically pleasing and convenient to manage because they come with mobile apps that let you set a schedule, detect faces and sounds, and watch your security camera footage live through your phone. Similarly, HomeServe demonstrates how customers can even manage their insurance policies and access handy home tips on the go through a mobile app. What’s more, several apps also cater to the more creative homeowner – the ones who like to design and decorate artful spaces. And here are some of our favourite apps for the creative homeowner:

Houzz Mobile App


If there was ever a one-stop-shop for home-related apps, it would have to be Houzz. Houzz is a design app that will provide you with all the guidance and inspiration you need for your next home remodelling project. The app showcases different articles, blog posts, design ideas and tutorials that will help you learn about the basics of home decoration, so even those new to designing spaces will have all the guidance they need.

Chairish Mobile App


Updating your home’s interior doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. For instance, the mobile app Chairish eliminates the need to buy new high-quality furniture and home décor. This app allows homeowners to sell pre-loved decor by simply uploading a picture of the furniture through the app. The curators of Chairish will then decide whether to sell the décor or not. The company takes care of the shipping, payment and returns, while the seller gets to keep 80% of the final sale.

Hutch Mobile App


More often than not, homeowners have to rely on their imagination to picture how their homes would turn out after renovations. Fortunately, with Hutch, homeowners no longer have to wait until renovations are over to see how well (or bad) their desired decor will blend into their home space. Hutch as an application that merges the worlds of rendering and shopping by virtually outfitting rooms based on the photos users upload, allowing them to directly see how certain furniture will look in their space. Hutch’s cofounder and head of product and technology explained that homeowners can think of the app as a sort of Snapchat filter for houses.

Coloursnap Visualizer App

ColorSnap Visualizer

Colour plays an important role in making any room look more spacious, serene and conducive for work. That being said, getting the right shade, hue and tone for each element of your design is extremely important. Luckily, ColorSnap Visualizer makes this task a whole lot easier. After installing this free app to your phone, all you have to do is pick a colour, aim your camera at any wall in your home, and see how the colour you’ve chosen changes the look of your home. Once you’ve arrived on a colour you like, you just have to take a picture and the app will then create a palette based on your captured images.

Measure Mobile App


Buying decor and other essential fittings can be a tiring task with all the measuring you need to do. The mobile app Measure helps you get the right measurements for almost anything even without a physical measuring tape. To use this app, all you have to do is point your camera at the object you want to measure, click the button with a cross sign in the middle, and slowly move your device to allow the app to analyse and measure the object better.

These are just some of the hundreds of apps that homeowners can use to make not just remodelling and redesigning their homes easier, but also make overall household management a breeze. Since our homes are our sanctuaries, and we spent a great chunk of our lives in them — especially given the new threat of COVID-19 — it only makes sense that we want our homes to be in the best condition possible. For more tips and tricks to renovating your home we have plenty of articles such as ‘The Six Spring Colour Trends Your Home Needs, Brought to You by Darlings of Chelsea’.

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