Trendy + Sophisticated = Nikuma, The Perfect Jewellery Equation You’ve Been Waiting For

Few things in life are exactly what you want. From that seemingly perfect guy with the shady past to the tempting piece of cake loaded with calories, often life seems to be a game of compromise. Of course, there are a few exceptions, like a great massage or that surprisingly blissful yoga class. And, now, there’s Nikuma Jewellery too. A fashionable line of jewellery designed for the modern woman, Nikuma Jewellery began in London in 2016.

Nikuma Jewellery Rings

This up-and-coming brand seems to have solved the equation for giving us women just what we want – nothing more, nothing less. A potentially risky move (like trying to hit a nail on its head the first time), Nikuma Jewellery is not only blazing a trail for what trendy yet sophisticated accessories should look like, but it’s doing it to the beat of its own drum.

Tri Pyramid Double Ring Nikuma Jewellery

It turns out that knowing what women want comes from the ability to constantly adapt, which Nikuma does with its exciting jewellery collections. Just as every woman has her other half, the jewellery crafted by Nikuma is also equally difficult to pin down. Eclectic yet timeless, simple yet glamorous, bold yet elegant, Nikuma Jewellery sums up the essence of women around the world, capturing her aura while still allowing it to roam.

New In At Nikuma Jewellery

Featuring a coveted collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles in brilliant gold and sterling silver, the latest New In pieces for the brand offer the perfect capsule of what Nikuma Jewellery is all about – celebrating the magic of the feminine mystique in a fun, playful, and classic kind of way. Below we have included our top picks:-

Nikuma Jewellery Necklaces

Heartbeat Necklace Nikuma Jewellery
Heatbeat Necklace £85.00

The Heartbeat Necklace features a gold-plated sterling silver visual of the lines produced by a beating heart, with sparkling diamond-like cubic zirconia stones, its as romantic as it is quirky, a perfect reminder of all of the hearts you’ve won – and broken – along the way.

Crazy Sexy Cool Script Necklace
Crazy Sexy Cool Script Necklace £55.00

Feel like letting your jewellery (elegantly) speak your mind? Nothing does it better than the Crazy Sexy Cool Script Necklace. Gold-plated and refreshingly delicate, this necklace is as fun with everyday outfits as it is for first dates and five-year wedding anniversaries.

Nikuma Jewellery Rings

Open Front Crystal Ring Nikuma Jewellery
Open Front Crystal Ring £50.00

18 karat gold-plated with cubic zirconia crystals, the Open Front Crystal Ring is another example of Nikuma’s allure. Bold and bright and yet not a bit over-the-top, this adjustable ring’s unique silhouette quietly elevates it to one of your most complimented accessories.

Swirl Ring Nikuma Jewellery
Swirl Ring £35.00

And, if compliments are what you are after, then the Nikuma Swirl Ring is what you need. Surprisingly simple, this fun ring uses bright blue and crystal clear cubic zirconia stones with a unique snake-like shape to enchant and mesmerize every eye that comes your way.

Wave Band Ring Set Nikuma Jewellery
Wave Band Ring Set £55.00

The Wave Band Ring Set is the classy way to enjoy the stacked jewellery trend. With three different platings (rose gold, silver and gold) and thin enough not to overwhelm a single finger, the Nikuma wave band rings glitter and sparkle with every movement, making them a spectacular everyday accessory. While you can wear the rings alone, the obvious choice is to stack several together. When something looks this good, why not go all-in?

Double Crossover Ring Nikuma Jewellery
Double Crossover Ring £60.00

The final showstopper in Nikuma Jewellery’s latest collection is the Double Crossover Ring which is available in a choice of silver or gold. Almost ethereal in appearance, this intricate ring gives off all sorts of cosmic vibes thanks to its can’t-be-missed sparkle. Each stylish piece thoughtfully handcrafted and designed to last, Nikuma Jewellery has us doing the only type of math we really enjoy: 4 rings + 2 necklaces = accessory perfection!

To view the full Nikuma Jewellery collection and shop online, visit:

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  1. Awesome collection. Nikuma designs are to die for, i got a necklace and ring from this label and im loving it.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sarah, great to hear such positive feedback on the brand 😉

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