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When every Instagram feed seems to be featuring the same white wall look, it’s time to find a new bandwagon. While white walls are easy, life isn’t always lived to its fullest when you only look for the easiest solution. In fact, you’ll miss out on a whole lot of fun if the only question you try to answer is, “What’s easy?” From your food and your career to your home, so many more opportunities arise when you start looking outside of the box.

When it comes to your home, start asking yourself questions like, “What will make a statement?” Or, “What makes me happy?” Or, maybe even venture to ask, “What can I do that’s different, unique and totally me?”

Concrete Marble Effect Wallpaper Wall Art Mural Blue Grey

Concrete Blues Wallpaper Mural

Bespoke Wall Art

Once you reclaim your creativity, it’s time to head to Wallsauce.com, the official cure for ridding your home of boring white walls. With its huge collection of inspiring wall murals, Wallsauce.com delivers stunning wallpapers and wall art murals throughout the UK, Europe, and around the world. Hand selecting from a variety of sources, including photo libraries, contemporary designers, photographers, and artists from around the world, using state-of-the-art technology to create a custom prescription for your home.

Patterned Marble Wallpaper Wall Art Mural

Patterned Marble Wallpaper Mural 

Feature Wall Ideas

Focusing on quality and selection, perusing the wallpaper murals available on Wallsauce.com will undeniably be the best decision you make for your home. With inspiration at every scroll, there’s something for everyone – everyone, at least, who has decided to breathe life back into those pale walls. And, the best part about Wallsauce.com is that they have exclusive designer collections you can only find in their shop. Which means, when it’s time to make a statement, you’ll be sure that you’ll be the only one making that statement. (And that’s something white walls simply can’t deliver.)

World Map Wallpaper Mural Wall Art

Classic World Map Wallpaper Mural

Easy to install, clean, and remove, Wallsauce.com wall murals are a smart way to make a statement in any home, even apartments and rentals. With custom sizing, you can create the perfect wall art in a snap, installing it the same day it arrives. You can even add your own artwork or photograph for a truly bespoke design for your home.

Photo Upload Wall Art Wallpaper Mural

Create Your Own Wall Mural Photo Upload

Wall Murals Collections

Want a head start? Below are some of our favourite Wallpaper Murals Collections from Wallsauce.com and our Top Picks from each, sure to brighten up your walls…

Horse Photographic Wall Art Mural Wallpaper

Dreamer Equine Wallpaper Mural

Animal Wallpaper Murals

While choosing animals for your wall may feel like a bold move, especially in a main living space, the Dreamer Horse Wall Mural by Vicki Roebuck looks surprisingly chic and its neutral colour palette will still allow all of your home decor, that matched your previously white walls, to still work. (In fact, it will work even better.)

Beach Photographic Wall Art Mural

Windswept Beach Boardwalk Wallpaper Mural

Beaches Wallpaper Murals

The Windswept Beach Boardwalk Wallpaper Mural features a dreamy landscape for you and your guests to relax into, we imagine this stunning mural would be right at home in dining rooms and bedrooms. (Although there’s no place we wouldn’t want it!)

Pink Roses Wall Art Wallpaper Mural

Bright Pink Roses Wallpaper Mural

Floral Wallpaper Murals

Everyone knows that adding flowers to a room makes it come to life. That couldn’t be more true with the incredible floral collection on Wallsauce.com. For a truly romantic vibe, opt for the Bright Pink Roses Wall Mural. (We can’t stop thinking about how lovely it would look in a master bedroom or dressing room.)

Pile of Wood Stacked Logs Photographic Wallpaper Wall Art Mural

Pile of Fire Wood Wallpaper Mural

Texture Wallpaper Murals

Nothing says “cosy” like a stack of firewood, especially during the colder months. Magnify that effect with our favourite wall mural from the Surface Texture Collection, The Pile of Fire Wood Wallpaper Mural, a no-brainer for creating a cosy living space.

White Marble Wallpaper Mural Wall art

White Marble Wallpaper Mural

Marble Wallpaper Murals

Don’t just think of marble for your countertops. Imagine the statement this incredible surface would make on your walls? A great match for industrial and modern homes, the White Marble Wallpaper Mural looks fabulous in bathrooms and kitchens.

Waterfall Autumn Photographic Wall Art Wall Paper Mural

Natural Autumn Waterfall Wallpaper Mural

Waterfall Wallpaper Murals

Ready to be lulled to sleep? Any waterfall will do, but the wide waterfall flanked with fall colours in this mural seems extra tranquil. The Natural Autumn Waterfall Wallpaper Mural is a great choice for master bedrooms, guest rooms and by the tub in bathrooms.

Wine Cellar Photographic Wall Art Mural Wallpaper

Epic Wine Cellar Wallpaper Mural

Wine Wallpaper Murals

When you find a great wine, why stop at one glass? Well, the same is true for great wine wallpapers. Like the Epic Wine Cellar Wall Mural and the Wine Corks Wall Mural. The Wine Wallpaper’s Collection is a great choice for dining rooms and cellars, although who are we to stop you when you get inspired?

Wine Corks Wallpaper Wall Art Mural

Wine Corks Wallpaper Mural

Transforming a wall in your house does more than just make a statement, it makes a home – one that is uniquely you (and so much more creative than those plain white walls!)

For more inspiration for your home and to shop the full range online, visit: wallsauce.com

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