Wash Less, Brush More: The Ultimate Natural Wooden Hair Brushes from SAYA Designs

SAYA Designs Natural Wooden Hair Brushes

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair is tough. While there is no shortage of options, the debates surrounding which ingredients are best (as well as your internal debate as to how much you can actually invest in consumable hair care products) make choosing a haircare routine difficult. Thankfully, there’s another path towards beautiful, lustrous, healthy hair… Wash less, brush more.

SAYA Designs The Paddle Brush Natural Wooden Hair Brushes

The solution, it turns out, has less to do with which products you’re using in your hair (although that matters too), and instead has much more to do with how often you’re using those products. In the world of great hair, washing less (much, much less) is actually the secret. According to Talia Cooper-Gray, an organic hairstylist and colourist, you can start seeing a big difference by only washing your hair once or twice a week and brushing it with natural bristle brushes several times each day. In just six weeks, she says, your hair can feel “thicker to touch, less frizzy, and have a lot more shine to it.”

SAYA Designs Natural Wooden Hair Brushes

SAYA Designs

Known for outstanding, earth-friendly hair products, like gorgeous handcrafted hair sticks, SAYA Designs is now introducing a line of natural wooden hairbrushes. Like its other wooden products, SAYA Designs focuses on sustainability, making sure that the wood it sources is responsibly harvested for the planet and the people who call it home. As an added bonus, SAYA Designs only makes beautifully feminine products — the kind you don’t mind leaving out on a dressing table or bathroom shelf.

The Olive Brush Natural Wooden Hairbrush Anti-static SAYA Designs

Wooden Hair Brushes

The new SAYA Designs Wooden Hair Brush Collection has five unique products, each with its own set of benefits depending on your hair type and its unique needs. For curly, wavy, or naturally thick hair, The Olive Brush (pictured above) is the ultimate answer. Made from FSC certified Olivewood, the Olive Brush uses wooden pins and a soft canvas cushion to make working with textured hair easier — and with no damage either.

The Vegan Hair Brush SAYA Designs Natural Wooden Hair Brushes

Crafted specifically for shorter, finer hair, The Vegan Brush (above) is made from FSC certified Beechwood and plant-based tampico bristles, which are anti-static. For women with tired, lacklutre, or treated hair, SAYA Designs has created The Ash Brush (below) to ensure that your hair and scalp retain the moisture necessary for a healthy shine. Made from responsibly sourced, heat-treated Ash Wood with eco-friendly packaging.

Ash Wood Natural Hair Brush SAYA Designs

Another great choice for finer hair types, The Boar Brush (below front) uses wild boar bristles to help redistribute natural oils through your hair, making it look and feel at its absolute best. And for those with long hair, The Paddle Brush (below right) delivers beautifully smooth hair without pulling and breaking individual strands. All of the Saya Designs hair brushes, however, are designed to be gentle on your hair, keeping it smooth and tangle-free without causing unnecessary damage.

SAYA Designs Natural Wooden Hair Brushes and Hair Oils

Natural Hair Oils

For the ultimate hair care routine, pair one of the SAYA Designs wooden hairbrushes with their handmade Hair Oils. Crafted in small batches in the UK, each oil uses only 100% certified natural and organic ingredients. Designed for daily use, the SAYA Designs hair oils deliver serious moisture to your hair and skin — and they smell amazing, too. (Pro tip: Use SAYA Designs hair oils on your hands and dry patches on your body for instant relief.)

For more information, take a look at the SAYA Designs Wooden Hair Brush Collection

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