Waterless, Genderless, Fearless: Meet Revolutionary Beauty Brand INCLUSEV

INCLUSEV London Cosmetics Add Aqua Waterless Powdered Beauty Products

Do innovative skincare brands actually exist? Or has everything new already been done? In other words, should we really be on the lookout for yet another “new skincare brand!?”… The answer is Yes. Rare as they might be, there are skincare companies that are truly revolutionising the industry… Enter: INCLUSEV™ London Cosmetics.

Powdered Beauty Products Inclusev London Add Aqua Waterless Beauty


Having spent more than a decade developing cosmetics (600 formulations to be exact), Monica Chandak knew that there was a better way to bring products to the market. Tired of seeing an industry plagued with waste refusing to take serious responsibility (and marketing campaigns that only perpetuated serious problems, especially in terms of mental health), Monica made a fearless decision: It was time to do something new, to disrupt the sleeping giant that is the beauty industry.

INCLUSEV Powdered Handwash Coriander Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil

Waterless Beauty

After 3 years of working with limited ingredients and more than 150 product trials, Monica had developed a complete product line and INCLUSEV was born and primed to quickly become an everyday hero. More than just “fun” and “new” and “effective” (like every other “innovative” beauty product on the market), INCLUSEV products have purpose. Brought to life by a “revolutionary, yet balanced formula”, each INCLUSEV product is 100% waterless. That means less waste and way more sustainability.

INCLUSEV London Water Free Cosmetics

Add Aqua Collection

Known as the “Add Aqua Collection”, INCLUSEV uses all-natural powders and essential oils to create all of those must-have daily routine skin and hair care products. And because there’s zero water (or fillers, sulphates, phthalates, parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances, animal products, or animal testing) when your bottles are being stored on your shelf (or in your bag), the brand has simultaneously solved another beauty dilemma: The frustration of spilt, leaky, and heavy-to-tote products.

INCLUSEV Facewash Powdered Facial Cleanser Clary Sage Lavender & Rose Vegan Sustainable

Powdered Formulas

In fact, INCLUSEV’s “powder-to-foam” formulas allow for 4x the number of washes than any other 50g of liquid product. That means, less packaging waste for the planet and less space wasted for you. (The minimal packaging INCLUSEV uses to get its products from its facility to you is made completely from recycled materials.) In addition to being uniquely waterless, INCLUSEV takes great care to source only the finest, safest ingredients that are suitable for everyone. After all, skin is skin for women and men and everyone in between.

INCLUSEV Powdered Shampoo Clove Grapefruit Orange Ylang Ylang Plant Based Sustainable

Made in Britain

With every product formulated, produced, and packaged in the company’s very own UK-based facility, transparency is another huge bonus of choosing to pledge your allegiance to this ultra-cool, barrier-free brand. The complete line of INCLUSEV products includes handwash, facewash, bodywash and shampoo. And while you could easily fall in love with the brand simply because of what it stands for and the effort it’s making to initiate positive change in the world, INCLUSEV rises to the occasion yet again by creating products that you’ll actually love using.

INCLUSEV Powdered Bodywash Cedarwood Lavender Frankincense

High-Performance Skincare

From a handwash that soothes “dry and sore” hands so that they feel like you “had a day at the spa”, to a facewash that will brighten your skin for a radiant complexion (and is gentle enough for all types of skin), you are quickly reminded of the experience and expertise that Monica brings to the table. These aren’t just “feel good” products; they’re products that will make you (and your hands, hair, face, and skin) look and feel good, too. Want a perfectly simple beauty routine for a perfectly imperfect world? No better brand comes to mind than INCLUSEV London… To find out more, visit: inclusevcosmetics.com

INCLUSEV London Cosmetics Logo

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