What We’re Sniphing This Season: The Most “Extra” Subscription Service Ever

When it comes to the fragrance you wear every day, you’ll usually fall under one of two categories. The first is that you’ve worn that fragrance for years and have gotten so into the habit that you can’t fathom trying something new. And, if you did want to try something different, you would have no idea where to start. The second is that you’re a victim of “big money” marketing, which means you love the most recognisable brands, the ones you see on billboards, in magazines, and on commercials. Both categories, unfortunately, couldn’t be more #basic.

Selecting Fragrances and Perfumes

The fragrance you wear is personal. In a way, it’s your own kind of iconic. Not only does it have the ability to instantly change your mood, but it has a way of imprinting memories, both your own and those around you. Influential and powerful, the fragrance you choose shouldn’t be by accident. It also shouldn’t be something you do without thinking. Quite to the contrary, you should be incredibly conscious of the fragrance you wear and why you’re wearing it.

Perfume Bottle Case and Box

You shouldn’t just like your collection of fragrances – you should love it. And, like you, it should change regularly, ebbing and flowing with your moods and your life. Which is why we’re so head over heels for Sniph, the latest subscription service to hit the market. But, before you find yourself worrying about “one more” subscription service, it’s important to know why Sniph is different.

Reusable Perfume Bottle Case

Exclusive Perfume Brands

First of all, Sniph is actually solving a real problem for women. Whether you realise it or not, getting stuck in the world of “basic” fragrance is all too easy. And, like any other rut, it actually impacts your life. From igniting emotions to making lasting impressions, the fragrance you wear really does matter.

But, it can be hard to find the time to discover something new, especially when the convenience of buying perfumes and fragrances online really is a matter of chance (and trusting those reviews). No wonder so many women stick with their trusty favourite fragrance – who has the time to go store to store sampling?

About Sniph Fragrance Subscription
Sniph Founders Lisa Kjellqvist and Tara Derakshan

Sniph Founders

Lisa Kjellqvist and Tara Derakshan, the founders of Sniph, knew one thing from the moment they met: They were destined to work together to bring the power of fragrances to women. Instantly connected by their mutual fascination of the transformative power of scents, Sniph was the natural byproduct of that connection – and a real win for women everywhere.

Sniph Founder Lisa Kjellqvist Smelling Perfumes

New Perfume Every Month

An opportunity to easily discover new scents, all of which have been hand-curated and tailored just for your preferences, Sniph allows you to try something new (and awesome) each month, a total disruption to the #basic way the fragrance industry has operated for decades.

With nearly half a million fundraised from the disruptors at Spotify, Sniph is ready to redesign the way you discover – and buy – your favourite fragrances. And, not only is it a win for women everywhere, it’s a huge opportunity for boutique brands to make their way into homes and purses around the world.

Sniph Founder Lisa with Perfume Bottles

Sniph Subscription Service

Sniph delivers a new premium scent to your door each month for a year. With monthly subscriptions that start from as low as £9 for 4ml and just £14 for a 8ml bottle, which will give you enough so that you can actually use the fragrance every day for an entire month.

How else could you discover Heeley, a niche brand out of Paris or the hottest trend in Stockholm, SG79? Sniph brings the world’s best fragrances to your door, and in beautiful, easy-to-take-with-you packaging. Plus, when you find a fragrance you love, you’ll be offered your monthly subscription fee back as a discount when you buy a full-size bottle.

Man with Fragrance in Bag

As well as fragrances for women, Sniph also offer a subscription service for men, which will keep, even the notoriously hard to buy for, happy, and make deciding what to purchase your other half for his birthday or christmas, even easier!

Getting out of your basic perfume funk and upgrading to something a whole lot more “extra” (and way more you) is as easy as clicking “Subscribe” on Sniph. We’re already on board – what are you waiting for? To find out more visit: sniph.co.uk

Sniph Perfume Subscription

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