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Periods, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and just all around vaginal health and feminine well-being are all things women think about and handle on a daily basis. But, how often are we as women actually getting the support we need to take care of our female bodies? How often do we feel ashamed or embarrassed about these conversations and questions? How often do we finally start looking for advice and help only to be torn down and deceived by the mainstream media and the tired narrative that plagues so many publications “for women”?

If you’re like many women, the answer is often. For far too long we’ve been hushed when it comes to truly embodying our feminine design. Thankfully, more and more women are learning to speak up. And, for those of us who aren’t speaking, we’re definitely listening.

Womanology Handcrafted Botanicals for Intimate Wellbeing


In 2017, Oliwia Drzymuchowska founded Womanology, a 100% natural & vegan line of handcrafted botanicals designed for intimate female care. With an extensive background in areas like aromatherapy and massage, hypnobirthing and herbalism, and even womb massage, Oliwia found herself helping women to better and more naturally manage pelvic pain, postpartum healing, and other intimate health struggles. Through this work, Oliwia began crafting custom remedies specifically for women, which are now available through the Womanology range.

“I began making remedies and studying all of these holistic therapies to help myself at first because I couldn’t find solutions in mainstream medicine. I then began sharing the products later on, thanks to my pelvic physio who referred clients to me.. then these ladies shared my details with their friends, and eventually, Womanology was formed.”

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Intimate Wellbeing

“ I feel that mainstream health care approaches aspects of womanhood with so much shame and stigma, so much pressure on appearance… and creates a very harmful narrative around our bodies. My biggest hope is that women will stop buying into that narrative and that they will reclaim their bodies,” says Oliwia when asked about why she started Womanology over three years ago.

Today Oliwia continues to offer custom remedies and guide women in healing pelvic pain, like vulvodynia or hypertonic pelvic floor (pelvic floor dysfunction). After searching for solutions to her own pain for 8 years before she finally got somewhere – Oliwia did not want that to be the norm and was determined to offer help and guidance to others.

Womanology Massage Balms Intimate Feminine Care

Handcrafted Botanicals

Having suffered from pelvic pain for over a decade herself, Oliwia also trained as a holistic therapist in order to fill in the gaps in the field of women’s health that the standard medical world fails to address. Taking her personal journey, as well as the knowledge she gained from professional training, as well as her work with her clients, Oliwia’s Womanology is a force to be reckoned with. More importantly, however, Womanology is the brand that women everywhere have been looking for (even if they didn’t know it).

Womanology Intimate Massage Balms Self Love Potions

Intimate Cleansing Oils

Among the passionately handcrafted products offered by London-based Womanology, you’ll find Intimate Cleansing Oils designed to nourish, soothe, and moisturise the sensitive skin found on the vulva. Unlike soap, which washes off the natural protective layer that keeps women safe from infection and dry, fragile skin, these intimate cleansing oils can also be used to soothe irritation and for shaving purposes. The Rose Geranium and Lavender Intimate Cleansing Oil is perfect for post-sex or post-shave irritation, discomfort, burning, or itching. For ultra-delicate skin, Womanology also offers a sensitive formula without nut and essential oils.

Womanology Intimate Cleansing Oil Rose Geranium Lavender
Intimate Cleansing Oil – Rose Geranium & Lavender

Intimate Massage Oils

Womanology also offers an Intimate Massage Oil, Prepare Elixir, for expecting mothers. A concentrated blend of reparative oils, this special elixir strengthens the perineum and is highly recommended for prenatal and postnatal perineal massage. You can also use this blend on pregnant bellies to nourish the skin and help with skin elasticity.

Womanology Prepare Elixir Intimate Massage Oil
Prepare Elixir

Massage Balms

All women can fall in love with Womanology’s Massage Balms, which are designed specifically to help women connect with areas that have been shunned. These sensual aromatherapy massage balms can be used on your pulse points, stomach, bum, thigs, etc, to promote relaxation, and help you to connect with your intuition. For our favourite scent, look for the Self-Love Potion No.03 Massage Balm, which includes Frankincense Oil, Bergamot Peel Oil, and Clary Sage Oil, to name just a few.

Womanoloy Self Love Potion No.3 Massage Balm
Self-Love Potion No.03

Feminine Mists

Oliwia created all of the Womanology Feminine Mists as companions in healing. “The Mists (and Massage Balms) are something to keep us focused. Encouraged and inspired. To help strengthen our intention. Shift our energy. To keep us connected to our bodies. They are like little energetic guides. They can soothe our bodies and hearts. Healing is really hard, it is wonderful to have something that lightens the load.”

Having suffered from pelvic pain for so long which lead to her disconnecting from her body and from pleasure, she began hating her body for making her suffer. The Self-Love Essence No.02 Mist helped her personally to fall in love with her feminine body again and to assist with healing the “trauma stored in my abdomen.” Designed to help women reconnect with their power source, the womb space, this special mist is formulated with floral waters of Rose, Geranium, Chamomile, and Yarrow with a hint of Vanilla Extract. Sweet and refreshing, it’s impossible not to feel loved when using this unique product.

“I love mists because they are so easy to use on the go, whenever I feel overwhelmed on public transport, get stressed about something, or want to step into my power when going on a date!” says Oliwia when asked what she loves most about her Feminine Mist collection.

Womanology Self-Love Potion No.02 Feminine Mist
Self-Love Essence No.02

Reclaim Your Womanhood

When asked who she hopes will discover Womanology, Oliwia responded that Womanology is for every woman who: “…believes that there is more to life than what the mainstream tells them; women who are ready to quiet the narrative they have been fed about being a woman; women who are ready to shift the paradigm and reclaim their bodies; women who are ready to love their bodies – the good, the bad and the ugly; women who want to create a portrayal of womanhood, one accepting of the cyclical nature of our bodies, going with the flow; women who are vulnerable and learning to honour who she is.”

And that’s a mission statement we’re excited to share with every single woman we know.

To find out more and shop the full product range online, visit womanology.life

Credits: Special thank you to Photographer Lila Valentina for the feature images.

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