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Inspiration is everywhere. And, in a world where DIYers show no sign of slowing down, that’s a wonderful thing. Even when certain parts of life seem bleak, there’s always a silver lining, a burst of creativity that leaves you feeling happy. One such place of joyful inspiration happens to be an online destination owned by the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, an incredibly cool company based in the heart of the United Kingdom.

White Yellow Blue Colour Geometric Pyramid Shape Soft Chenille Upholstery Fabric JO-241

Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Filled with unique patterns, bright pops of colours, and so much assortment it makes you giddy, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is fulfilling its purpose by providing a seamless shopping experience for anyone looking to customise their next DIY project — whether that involves new curtain fabrics for the kitchen or a brand new look for the living room sofa.


Designer Upholstery Fabrics

With many patterns and designs created and woven just for them, there’s no place quite like the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, especially when considering quality, value, and uniqueness. Committed to going the extra mile, Yorkshire Fabric Shop supplies its customers with beautiful designer upholstery fabrics sourced from around the globe.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Online and Fabric Mill Shop

Quality Furnishing Fabrics

And, because of the vast array of quality furnishing fabrics available, it has quickly become the place where the smart and savvy shop. For those lucky enough to live in the Yorkshire area, the fabric shop and mill is open for in-person perusal. Thankfully, for those in other parts of the world, the online shopping experience is the next best thing.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Online Fabric Finder

Online Fabric Finder

Online, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop has created an intelligent shopping experience that allows customers to sort, browse, sift, and hunt just as they would in-person (if not even a bit easier and faster). As such, finding the perfect furnishing fabrics to make blinds, curtains, cushions, and the upholstery fabric you need for just about any other project you’ve got the mind to do is downright simple.

Your Perfect Fabrics

Thanks to the ‘Find My Fabric’ section of the website, Yorkshire Fabric Shop enables you to find your perfect fabrics, sorting through the extensive range of materials and textures by utilising category filters, including colours, style, material, type, and price. So, for example, if you wanted to find the perfect yellow velvet fabric, featuring a large design that’s ready for upholstery, then you wouldn’t have to hunt very long. In fact, that exact search brings up a handful of results immediately!

Freedom Printed Velvet Fabric Collection Colourful Blue Green Colour Floral Theme Pattern Upholstery Fabric CTR-91

Fabric Moodboard

And, if you’ve got a bigger project you’re tackling, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop website provides you with the ability to create your very own fabric moodboard, which means you can build an arsenal of inspiration that’s ready to shop as soon as you are. Great for those in the interior design or upholstery business or anyone working on creating a fresh new look, allowing you to bring your ideas to life, and share your projects with others.

Fabric Moodboard Interior Design Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Interior Design Inspiration

But the inspiration doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the website’s Customer Creations section, you can see exactly what others have done with their fabric finds, giving you the motivation (and courage) you need to go forth and create with a variety of fabric types!

Palm Tree Green Fabric Yorkshire Fabric Shop

With Worldwide Shipping and excellent opportunities for Trade Enquiries, there’s no better place to find your perfect fabric than Yorkshire Fabric Shop. And, the best part, it’s fun, too! To find out more and shop for fabrics online, visit: yorkshirefabricshop.com

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