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Cleanse Detox Powder

The idea of creating a one-stop-shop for all of the products women want and use on a daily basis isn’t anything new. In fact, with the invention of the internet, blogging, and the relative ease of setting up a virtual store, lots of people have tried their hand at doing just that – creating an online brand that is loved, valued and, of course, successful.

Ethical Apothecary

But, there’s a difference between having an idea and actually making that idea work. And, Mel and Sam, the founders of Ethical Apothecary know all about that. As trained beauty therapists with over four decades of combined experience, the duo approached their startup with ease and confidence that most entrepreneurs would sign over their flat for! Not only did the two know what their business was going to focus on – ethical and clean lifestyle products – but they also understood exactly why their business was needed.

Hydration Beauty Boost Liquid

Expert Skincare Advice

It really is difficult (and time-consuming) to do all of the research needed in order to know, for sure, if a company, and the products it is selling are what they say they are: clean, safe, conscious. That’s why Ethical Apothecary has become such a sensation. Not only do their customers have the ability to actually talk to trained professionals via live chat (all of your skincare questions answered!), but they also have the confidence of knowing that what they are buying is exactly as advertised.

Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost Liquid

Award-Winning Brands

Everything you’ll find at Ethical Apothecary is as luxurious, effective, and on-trend as it looks. And, the best part, it’s actually affordable, too. Each online collection (from candles and skincare to men’s products and vegan treats) is comprised of award-winning, handcrafted, and professional brands that have been hand-selected by Mel and Sam themselves. You’ll find the brands you love – and the brands you are going to love.

Inner Beauty Powder Smoothie Bowl

Wellness and Skincare

Wellness is one of the most refreshing collections featured on Ethical Apothecary. With everything you’ll need to help you to de-stress, re-balance, and finally enjoy a good night’s sleep. From atmosphere mists to herbal teas, the selection is just right – plenty to choose from without the typical overwhelm that is experienced at most health & wellness stores. The same can be said for the Ethical Apothecary’s Skincare Collection, which proves that there really are effective products that happen to be clean and safe, too.

Dream Cream Mothers Babies Organic All Purpose Balm

Mum and Baby

And, when you’re looking for products that really are safe, perhaps no time is more important than when you’re expecting. Ethical Apothecary provides a great selection of Mum and Baby Skincare Products that are just waiting for you (and your little one) to discover. Try the Sister & Co Dream Cream or the award-winning Evolve Skin Saviour Body Oil for caring for that remarkable (albeit stretched) tummy of yours.

Beauty Powder

The Beauty Chef

Ethical Apothecary is also one of the best places to go if you’re a fan of The Beauty Chef and, if you haven’t heard of The Beauty Chef yet, this is your chance to experience it. Transform your digestion and help your body detox with the Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder or reveal your best skin yet with the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost. Looking for more radiance? Start a new routine with the Hydration Inner Beauty Boost or the Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder and finally fall in love with the way your skin looks.

Healing Salts

Mauli Inner Beauty Rituals

Another brand you’re going to love? Mauli. From their pink rose quartz Himalayan Healing Salts to their Reawaken Hand & Body Wash with essential oils, you’ll love the way the products smell and feel on your skin. A fan favourite? The brands Grow Strong Hair Oil is the beauty blogger’s go-to product when on a mission to achieve luscious locks!

Lime Sandelwood Jasmine Hand Body Wash

Bespoke Beauty Gifting

Love the sound of it all but not sure where to start? Looking to treat someone special? Be sure to check out Ethical Apothecary’s Bespoke Gifting Service, so that you can get the right gift – without any of the stress. The best part? This personalised service is 100% free – all you have to do is simply pay for the products and they’ll do the rest!

For more information and to shop the full range online, visit:

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