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There’s a difference between giving jewellery and giving a memory. While jewellery can be purchased anywhere, for anyone, and at any price point, memories are crafted one moment at a time and are often invaluable. To create a memory is to infuse each breath with a story, a minor supporting role that helps people say how they feel.

There are, however, a few pieces of jewellery that are so much more than a gesture. Handcrafted and capable of standing on their own, these special jewellery pieces are the story. When well thought out and carefully selected, the jewellery becomes the memory, a living, breathing artefact worn close to the skin. These pieces are the ones that endure.

Annette Welander Jewellery Bamboo Collection

Annette Welander

The Swedish conceptual jewellery house Annette Welander who specialise in creating stunning handcrafted pieces inspired by minimalism, architecture and art understands this distinction. Driven by the passion to be much more than just a jewellery designer, Annette Welander focuses on crafting art that represents a bigger global picture.

“We believe in personal diversity, self-empowerment, and giving back to the community…We aim to create memorable jewellery that is minimalistic, elegant,” says Annette, who works alongside her talented design teams out of studios in both Sweden and Italy.

Using raw materials, as well as consciously-sourced diamonds and gemstones, Annette Welander allows her minimalist-inspired jewellery to represent the future of sustainable design and luxury, while simultaneously ensuring that each design feels inclusive so that those who wear them feel equal and empowered.

Bamboo Collection Ring Annette Welander Jewellery

Jewellery Collections

Elegant and timeless, each of the Annette Welander jewellery collections carries a uniquely global perspective, redefining the way you’ll look at minimalist pieces. The Constellation collection, for example, features pieces that demonstrate the designer’s ability to create subtle boldness, a talent you’ll see again in the beautifully crafted cufflinks that make up the Now & Then collection. But it’s in the understated Entwined collection where you can really start to understand the designer’s unique expression, the simple yet solid heart shapes decorated with diamond-studded arterial curly-cues.

The uniqueness of each collection is grounded in Annette Welander’s obsession with discovering and creating organic beauty. The Bamboo collection, in particular, infuses each piece with raw, natural emotion, the rings taking form with the help of a study on the plant’s stalk and the pendants celebrating the simplicity of the bamboo leaf. Created using yellow, rose, and white gold, the Bamboo Collection feels empowered, incredibly celebratory of the natural world we live in.

Annette Welander Jewellery Entwined Collection

Although significantly more complex, the same natural appeal is found in the Interstice collection, which showcases the designer’s affinity with architecture and the delicate nature of the house’s craftsmanship. A spin on the heart design found in Entwined, Interstice uses digital innovation to help create intricate, diamond-adorned pendants.

To say that Annette Welander understands the significance of creating art with a story is an understatement. Listening to her, its as though she invented the concept: “Jewels are often associated with memories as they remind us of the people and the places we cherish. They are part of our past while also accompanying us as we discover who we are.”

Interstice Collection Annette Welander Jewellery

And if there’s any doubt left as to which fine jewellery we would want close to our hearts as we journey through life, let’s be clear now: No other jewellery designer can create lasting, living, and loving memories quite like Annette Welander.

To find out more and view all the collections online, visit:

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