Behind the Designs: The Magic of Making at Susannah King Jewellery

Susannah King Beaded Bracelets

For Susannah King, the design process of her eponymous line of jewellery is only the beginning. A former employee at a theatre box office, barmaid, and part-time dance teaching assistant, the journey to jewellery making wasn’t exactly straightforward. While attending university to study psychology and criminology, Susannah began experimenting with crafting jewellery, playing with metal in her spare time. It wasn’t long before she fell in love with the art of goldsmithing, leaving her academic studies behind to pursue her true passion.

Susannah King Founder of Susannah King Jewellery

“I love the journey from an ingot of gold to a fully wearable piece of jewellery. It’s magical to see a finished piece that you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into…” – Susannah King, Founder, Designer + Maker at Susannah King Jewellery

Susannah King Yellow Beryl Ring
Yellow Beryl Ring

Based in London, Susannah produces beautiful pieces of statement jewellery from her goldsmithing workspace, each one infused with her creativity and master craftsmanship. Her collections range from the affordable every day, like her bohemian-inspired turquoise beaded bracelet and the champagne coloured crystal butterfly bracelet, to the luxury one-of-a-kind – we seriously can’t take our eyes off Yellow Beryl Ring. (Its stone said to awaken higher knowledge and wisdom.) Only twenty years old, Susannah’s pieces reveal what can only be described as an old soul. Her eye for timeless beauty and respect for the traditional creative and artisanal process is clearly what set this young designer apart.

Susannah King Jewellery Kings Pattern Bracelet
Gold Kings Pattern Bracelet

Take one look at the intricate Kings Pattern Bracelet and you’ll understand what we mean. A luxury take on a classic piece, Susannah’s handmade bracelet is crafted with 9-carat yellow gold, said to carry both the energy of the sun and the encouragement for whoever wears it to be pure of heart. A stunning reminder of inner-strength, there’s something about it that will indeed make you feel royal, but perhaps more like a queen than a king.


The Lifespark Pendant Susannah King Jewellery
Carnelian and Blue Agate Lifespark Pendants

When asked about her departure from her studies and her dive into the world of design and owning her own business, Susannah reveals that this rebellious creativity is in her blood. “My father owns his own business and built it from the ground,” she says. “Being his own boss has enabled him to nurture his own creative flow.” A jeweller himself, Susannah says that much of her inspiration comes from her father; “he is my absolute hero!”

Depth of Peace Tourmaline Ring Susannah King Jewellery
Green Quartz Orgaya Ring

Given her family history, it seems certain that Susannah King Jewellery is very much a part of her destiny, not just a lucky wave she’s riding. Seriously dedicated to her craft, Susannah says that she finds herself in meditation frequently as it’s in these quiet, still moments that she gets “visions of jewellery.” For her, she says, “Spirituality is a big part” of her work. And that’s something that definitely can’t be taught on any university campus.

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