Chic, Industrial, Sustainable: The Innovative Magic Behind Reuse Design

Reuse Design Chic Industrial Jewellery

While jewellery has long been synonymous with fashion, Maria Clelia Scuteri is on a mission to reimagine jewels, both what they are and how they’re used. As the founder of Reuse Design, Maria Clelia a trained architect and designer uses her unique eye and creativity to push boundaries, defy definitions (and win awards) as she goes. A staunch opponent against homogenous and counterfeit jewellery designs, Maria Clelia’s designs look to “contaminate” different backgrounds, creating new opportunities for even newer points of view.

Reuse Design Gold Night Necklace
Gold Light Necklace

Having graduated in Rome before attending a sustainable design post-graduation course in Venice, Maria Clelia has since worked as both an architect and designer in Los Angeles and Italy. Interested in taking her work to a variety of scales, Maria Clelia began experimenting with jewellery after becoming bored with the stuck-on-repeat approach the fashion world was taking towards accessories. Wanting to create pieces that were unexpected, and yet still “elegant and classy”, Maria Clelia began to find her own voice through the theme of, what she calls, “conceptual transition”.

Reuse Design Serpentine Bracelet
Serpentine Bracelet

“It is all about rethinking industrial objects and giving them a brand new life, reinterpreting and treating them in pure gold and silver,” says Maria Clelia when asked about her unique creative process. Admittedly unconventional, it’s this unique approach to handmade craftsmanship that makes the designer’s jewellery stand out in a crowd.

Reuse Design Serpentine Bracelet and Necklace
Serpentine Series

On top of being bold and unique, Reuse Design is fully committed to sustainability, striving to bring more attention to the importance of creating things that are truly valuable and capable of standing the test of time. Steeped in values and ethics, Maria Clelia’s steadfastness to her beliefs creates an impressive and profound confidence, one that is passed on to the lucky women who wear her stunning creations.

Reuse Design Canvas Bracelet
Canvas Bracelet

Reuse Design’s latest collection is completely handmade, each material carefully selected piece by piece by the discerning designer herself. Although seemingly different, each piece is linked through the transformation process, which Maria Clelia says “represents a journey made of love for the existing resources, conceptual transpositions, and a great creative sense”. With each piece of the new collection capable of telling its own story, Maria Clelia’s personal favorites include the Serpentine Series and the Gears 2.0 necklaces, which are crafted in both gold and silver.

Reuse Design Gears 2.0 Necklace
Gears 2.0 Necklace

Recently recognised by the “Worth Partnership Project”, an EU initiative that supports designers to create innovative design-driven products and ideas, the future of Reuse Design is already looking very impressive. Completely independent and quickly growing, new collections, which will continue to offer a variety of handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, are on the horizon for Reuse Design. The first of these will be created with two European partners, forging a connection between “sustainability, uniqueness, craftsmanship, and technology”, says Maria Clelia.

Reuse Design Canvas Collar
Canvas Collar

Having been interested in combining craftsmanship and technology for some time, Maria Clelia is excited to introduce 3D printing to her design process as it will allow her to deliver even more precision to her work. And, as an added benefit, this technological marriage will help her cut down on unnecessary production waste even more, something that, as global citizens, we should all be celebrating together.

To find out more and see further examples of Maria Clelia’s work, take a look at the Reuse Design Website and follow the brand on Instagram @reuse_design

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