Finnish Lifestyle Brand YO ZEN Introduces The New Totem Clothes Collection for Kids

With Scandinavian culture having a major moment right now, it seems anything coming out of these northern European countries is almost an instant hit – think Ikea’s new ranges and, of course, our obsession with hygge. That’s why when we first heard about this up-and-coming Finnish lifestyle brand, we paid attention. YO ZEN, which to the Finnish ear sounds like “joutsen,” or swan, is a graphic design based brand, innovating designs that somehow manage to be both trendy and timeless at the same time. Founded by Kate Salminen and Paula Kouri, both talented architects, YO ZEN is everything you would want a luxury lifestyle brand to be: ethical, quality, inspired, and super cool.

YO ZEN Totem Collection Dresses

ZO YEN Finish Lifestyle Brand

On a mission to create products that feel relevant even fifty years from now, YO ZEN has managed to capture the hip and effortless Scandinavian vibe we’re all so obsessed with. The story behind the brand’s logo, an origami swan, will further make you fall in love with the founders and the label: On a cold winters day, Kate and Paula rescued an injured swan, taking it in and nurturing it back to health until it was strong enough to return home.

YO ZEN Design Totem Clothes Collection

Nature-Inspired Designs

To say the design duo is inspired by nature underestimates their love for it. Using symbolism found in nature, from animals to gentle breezes, YO ZEN creates designs that are visually simple. But, in every other aspect, a YO ZEN design is rich and complex, carrying a gravity that will make you want to treasure each and every item they make.

YO ZEN Totem Shirt Dress and Leggings

The Totem Clothes Collection

Although YO ZEN launched into the design world with stunning pendants and jewellery, recently they’ve entered the world of textiles, creating dresses and leggings for women, as well as a fun line of clothing for kids they’ve named Totem. Using three animal spirits as guides – the faithful wolf, the brave eagle, and the wise salmon – The Totem Collection celebrates the importance of each unique individual within a tribe. And, as a parent, there are few better ways to think of your family than as a powerful, supportive tribe.

Totem Clothes Collection Kids YO ZEN

Children’s Fashion

Just launched, YO ZEN’s Totem Clothes Collection for children uses black, pink, and gold to create shirts, dresses, and leggings that are comfortable, cute, and designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of your child’s many adventures. The bold, clean lines that create the graphics are the same that have made YO ZEN so popular, and it’s exactly why you’ll love dressing your child in the Totem collection. Timeless, practical, and oh-so-hip, if you haven’t fallen in love with this Finnish superstar yet, now’s the time.

YO ZEN Totem Shirt Black Gold Totem Kids Clothes Collection

Origami Swan Clothes Collection

No introduction to YO ZEN would be complete without mentioning the Origami Swan Clothes Collection. Where it all began, Origami Swan was the brand’s first-ever collection and continues to be their best-selling design today.

origami swan design YO ZEN Dress kids

Monochrome Kids Clothing

This super cool Monochrome Kids Clothing range features the brand’s origami-style swan graphic, which is said to “symbolise union, bond, and partnership”, what better way to make beautiful memories with your little ones?

YO ZEN products are available to buy from the brand’s online shop (which ships anywhere in the world) and at selected retailers. For more information, visit:

YO ZEN Design

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