Make a breathtaking entrance with an Ann Guise Silk Wedding Veil

There is nothing quite like a dramatic and luxurious designer wedding veil. Softening your features and creating the perfect silhouette, a Silk Wedding Veil is captivating and exudes timeless elegance and grace. The time-honoured tradition of the lifting of the veil, revealing the bride-to-be to her intended, is both exciting and romantic. A symbol of purity, a magical long flowing, feminine veil, adds an air of mystery to the occasion.

ANN GUISE Silk Wedding Veil
1. Bespoke Silk Tulle Veil decorated with French lace, appliques, and Swarovski diamante.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

For many brides-to-be a veil is an afterthought, after spending hours choosing the perfect dress, they feel that something is missing, that perfect finishing touch that not only completes the look but transforms them into a bona fide bride! A veil is something that you will wear just once, reserved solely for the most important day of your life, so why not completely embrace the moment and feel exactly as you should on your big day.

Luxurious bespoke silk tulle wedding veil decorated with French lace.
2. Luxurious Bespoke Silk Tulle Wedding Veil decorated with French lace.

Ann Guise Silk Wedding Veils

Make a breathtaking bridal entrance with an Ann Guise Silk Wedding Veil, these luxuriously soft, lightweight, statement veils are all totally bespoke, professionally designed, and meticulously handcrafted by Ann, an award-winning, expert custom veil maker, using 100% silk tulle fabric and the finest quality French lace, so you can be sure that you will be wearing something very special, made just for you on your big day.

Bespoke centre gathered 2 tier silk tulle wedding veil edged with French lace.
3. Bespoke centre gathered 2 Tier Silk Tulle Wedding Veil edged with French lace.

Bespoke Decoration

With a choice of intricate details such as beautiful embroidery, precious pearls, Swarovski crystals, dazzling diamantes, and silk ribbon edging available, all of which are precisely and lovingly added by hand. These bespoke decorations can be used for example to catch the light, adding an intriguing and stunning sparkle to your outfit, both during the day and also as you celebrate into the night!

Bespoke 2 tier silk tulle wedding veil edged with French lace
4. Bespoke 2 Tier Silk Tulle Wedding Veil edged with French lace

Veil Style Advice

It’s all about tying the look together, whether you are looking for a wedding accessory to compliment your dress, bouquet, jewellery, or colour scheme, Ann, with her extensive industry experience, will be able to guide you through choosing the perfect bridal couture veil, a one-off, unique piece, that will be made especially for you.

Bespoke 2 tier silk tulle wedding veil edged with French lace
5. Bespoke 2 Tier Silk Tulle Wedding Veil edged with French lace

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