Nature’s Little Luxury: The Real Beauty Behind Iremia Skincare

There are two different kinds of “green” in today’s world. There’s the type that is mass produced and marketed in an effort to sell more products. And then there’s the type that is a commitment, a true lifestyle marked by a love and respect for nature and the people who live in it. Iremia Skincare is a stellar example of the latter. The name “Iremia” can be translated to “calm”, that beautiful tranquillity that is observed in those rare moments of stillness. In relation to skincare, “calm” is every woman’s dream, that gorgeous, glowing skin that is free from flare-ups, breakouts, and unevenness. “Calm” in this sense is synonymous with words like “happy,” “stress-free,” and, dare we say, “perfection.”

Iremia Skincare

Elaine Li, the founder of Iremia Skincare, doesn’t just love great skin; she personally understands the journey women embark on when searching for solutions to their skin problems. Having worked with her sensitive skin for years, testing and trying armfuls of different products to tame her “eczema & rosacea-prone, dehydrated, and reactive skin”, Elaine decided to take matters into her own hands, literally.

Today, Iremia Skincare is known for its quality, small-batch produced skincare products, that firmly believe in the transformative power of simplicity. Committed to taking care of your skin and the environment, the Canadian brand strives to eliminate unnecessary waste. And, instead of subjecting animals to testing like so many other beauty brands, Elaine tests each and every formula on her own skin. How’s that for dedication?

The Iremia Natural Skincare Range

True to Elaine’s desire to formulate only the best all-natural luxurious skincare, the line of products available from Iremia Natural Skincare is refreshingly straightforward. Its three signature formulas are designed for everyday use and are as appropriate for your skin as they are for your partner’s, and whilst they might not need to worry about anti-ageing, the facial oil and protective cream can be used by the entire family to keep dryness at bay.

Iremia Skincare Restorative Facial Oil

Restorative Facial Oil

Like a “multivitamin for your skin,” this facial oil stimulates regeneration, its ten super oils promising to strengthen, soothe, and balance. The secret? A super intense dose of Omega 6 fatty acids. Say goodbye to redness and scars and hello to your best skin tone ever.

Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion

Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion

Irritated skin is no match for the Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion formulated with natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Manuka Honey, and Lavender Oil. Super calming, this lotion is designed for use on irritated and dry skin, even eczema. Ideal for inflammation and flare-ups, this natural hydrator is primed to be your skin’s new best friend. African Mahogany Tree Bark extract is also found in the Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion, which can improve skin elasticity, wrinkles, and has a smoothing effect on pores and fine lines.

Iremia Skincare Protective Cream

Iremia Skincare Protective Cream

Even the most sensitive, dehydrated skin can be soothed by this nourishing blend of hydrating oils. Palmarosa Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, and Avocado Oil don’t just add much-needed moisture, but they help to increase your skin’s elasticity, too. Frustrating redness or visibly broken capillaries? This protective cream works for those, too. Add in rich cocoa butter and you’ll be amazed at how much better your skin looks and feels.

When asked about the future of Iremia Skincare, Elaine’s answer was simple, as one would expect: “With every product, there needs to be a purpose and intent. My philosophy is quality over quantity, so I want to be conscious of what and how I produce.” Coming from an overly saturated beauty market that seems to always be eager to pump out new products, Elaine’s dedication to her naturally simple and powerfully effective skincare brand is as refreshing as her products. We, for one, are fans for life. For more information on Iremia Skincare and to shop the complete range online, visit:

Iremina Natural Skincare

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