Tapping into Your Nature Girl Vibes with Jill McCrystal’s Latest Jewellery Collection

One of the most difficult aspects of being an artist, regardless of the medium you work in, is finding the right balance between doing what you really love and creating something that your audience wants. If and when you strike this elusive balance, the magic strikes. And, much like lightning, Jill McCrystal has struck again, adding to her overwhelmingly popular lines of jewellery with a brand new collection that has all of her fans lining up for first dibs of more of her gem-inspired magic.

Larimar Stone Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace

Jill McCrystal Jewellery

Known for her playful designs and high-end leanings, Jill McCrystal is a popular online jewellery store for in-the-know women (and those who like to buy just-the-right things for the women they love). Featured by Avenue 15 before, as well as in publications like Condé Nast Brides and Glamour, Jill McCrystal has managed to stay true to her designs, earning her storefront some of the most glowing customer reviews you’ve ever read (which is pretty unheard of in today’s sometimes brutal world of online shopping).

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Nature Girl Collection

Her latest collection, “Nature Girl”, gives Jill McCrystal fans everything they expect from the line they’ve come to love – and more. Managing to avoid becoming cliche in order to keep her fans happy, the newest Nature Girl designs feel fresh and inspired – and just the thing you need for the changing seasons.

Gemstone Boho Wrap Bracelet Turquoise Apatite Peridot Labradorite

Top Jewellery Picks

We’ve selected our favourite products from the new collection – all of which are handmade, some are made-to-order, one-off pieces, so move fast or risk missing out!

Ancient Roman Glass Necklace Jill McCrystal Jewellery

1. Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

One of the most striking from the new collection is the Ancient Roman Glass Necklace with Brass Beads and a Gold Vermeil clasp. The perfect statement accessory that never comes across as trying too hard thanks to the rawness of the stones and the not-too-long, not-too-short length that so many other necklaces fail to get just right.

Aquamarine Hexagonal Bead Bracelet Sterling Silver

2. Aquamarine Hex Bead Bracelet

For those looking for a more subtle yet just as stunning accessory, the Aquamarine Hex Bead Bracelet with ornate Sterling Silver rondelles and a central decorative bead is the right choice thanks in part to the beautifully neutral selection of earthy gems.

Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace

3. Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace

Another earthy pick is the Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace with gold fill beads, which marries the statement accessory with a subtle coolness of not needing to try too hard.

Labradorite Bead Marquise Necklace

4. Labradorite Bead Necklace

Similar in silhouette but a completely different effect, the Labradorite Bead Necklace with unusual marquise-shaped beads and a 20-inch gold fill chain is everything you could want in an autumn or winter accessory – not too bright but plenty bold to turn heads.

Watermelon Tourmaline Pink Green Yellow Gemstone Bracelet

5. Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

Unique in its own right, the Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet has been created using beautifully deep and highly desirable Afghani Tourmaline. Flirty and feminine while still embracing its natural side. (We can’t help but want to buy several of these, one for ourselves, and one for each of our favourite friends.)

Pink Opal Marquise Earrings with Peach Morganite and Pink Topaz Gemstones

6. Pink Opal Marquise Earrings

Similarly feminine and distinctive, we’re also crushing on the Pink Opal Marquise Earrings with Peach Morganite and Pink Topaz, which fulfil the need of replacing our current favourite heavily-rotated statement earrings.

Gemstone Jewellery

To say that the new Nature Girl Collection is one of the best examples of earthy and inspired handcrafted jewellery we have seen is an understatement. One look at any of the pieces mentioned above is proof enough. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to try your favourite necklace, bracelet, or earrings from the collection for yourself, but, as soon as you do, don’t be surprised when you fall for Jill McCrystal like the rest of us.

The entire collection is available to purchase online now at jillmccrystaljewelry.etsy.com

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