The Original Hair Tool; How SAYA Designs is Creating Great Hair whilst Saving Trees

While the world is debating about whether the revival of the scrunchie makes sense, a smarter subset is reviving another hair tool – and one that is undeniably chic. Hair sticks, the original hair tool, are not only more versatile than you’d imagine, but the latest trend is doing more than just making hair of all types look great.

Handcrafted Wooden Hair Slide

SAYA Designs, one of the trailblazers in the hair stick revival, creates unique, handcrafted hair products from root wood that has been salvaged from plantations in Indonesia. Rather than letting the wood go to waste, SAYA rescues it, transforming it into something that is as purposeful as it is beautiful. Each design, handmade by artisans in Bali, allows up to ten new endangered and endemic tree species to be planted in protected forests throughout Indonesia. And, according to estimations, by purchasing just one SAYA hair stick, you can help generate enough oxygen for two people – for an entire year.

Handcrafted Wooden Hair Fork

Victoria, the brilliant entrepreneur behind the brand, says that she “created the company out of a deep love of nature, a growing awareness of environmental issues, and a desire to create things with a real story to tell.” With a background in visual arts, each element of SAYA designs is as beautiful as you expect. “At a time of globalisation, industrialisation, and climate change,” Victoria says, “being able to put money directly into the pockets of local artisans, to support non-governmental organisations, and those going the extra mile to work ethically, is a very powerful thing. I believe we are on the brink of change, and I am personally determined to drive more energy into this change.”

Wooden Hair Fork Long Thick Hair

And, while the online shop is a treat for the eyes, there’s also plenty to learn – like exactly how to use hair sticks and other wood products (like hair slides and hair forks) to create beautiful up-dos. Thanks to helpful how-to Hair Updo Tutorials, SAYA Designs teaches you how to use their products and which products are right for your type of hair. From thick to thin, short to long, curly to straight, there is a hair stick that will work for your hair – and SAYA Designs is on a mission to prove it.

Handcrafted Hair Accessories

Among the beautiful products already listed in the SAYA shop, there are three exciting ones that are specifically designed for thick and natural hair, helping to officially debunk the myth that hair sticks and wooden products can’t work with curls or lots of hair.

Wooden Hair Slide Thick Hair

The Moonflower | £48.00

The Moonflower Hairslide which features a modern shape and a smooth finish has been one of the most popular products in the SAYA collection. Perfect for long and thick hair, it allows women to make a statement while keeping their hair manageable.

Wooden Hair Fork

The Barrette | £39.00

Another great option for thick hair is The Barrette Hairfork. Capable of holding large amounts of hair in place, women with even the thickest or longest hair can enjoy using this gorgeous barrette, which is handcrafted from tamarind and rosewood.

Wooden Hair Fork

The Chanang | £48.00

Another stunning hairfork option, The Chanang Hair Fork design is available in two different wood colours so that it stands out in your hair, whether it’s dark or light.

Knowing the benefit that its products can have for women with thick, natural hair, SAYA is currently creating even more products, which will be released this summer. Currently, SAYA Designs ships their products worldwide, making it easy for women everywhere to turn heads and do their part saving the planet.

For more information and to shop the collection online, visit:

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