CHIC CHIQ The 15 Minute Ayurvedic Ritual That Will Change Your Life

Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, is finally getting the attention it deserves. While yoga and its stretchy pants have been adorning glossy pages for the last decade, the ancient eastern science known as Ayurveda has been waiting patiently for its turn. Of course, being a practice steeped in centuries of history, Ayurveda wasn’t in any hurry; those who know its power have long been devotees of its life-transforming magic, perfectly fine with it taking the supporting role. But now that it is time for it to shine, Ayurveda isn’t wasting any time showing just what it’s capable of. Case in point: CHIC CHIQ.

CHIC CHIQ Cosmetics Founder Patrycja Rotithor

CHIC CHIQ, an all-natural luxury cosmetics company that started in 2011, follows the three basic rules of Ayurveda: cleansing, nourishing and moisturising. Introduced to the practice of Ayurveda after trying a turmeric face mask in 2011, CHIC CHIQ’s founder, Patrycja Rotithor, a former digital marketer, found herself completely hooked, diving into this 5,000-year-old tradition of medicine, beauty and philosophy. Making the pilgrimage to India, in part to study Ayurveda and in part to get inspired for her big Indian wedding to her now husband, Patrycja saw the potential of CHIC CHIQ and everything it could bring to the world of beauty.

CHIC CHIQ Ayurveda Inspired Cosmetics and Powder Face Masks

Using the #SlowBeauty in its social media campaigns, CHIC CHIC encourages women to slow down, stepping away from the chaos of modern life and spending fifteen minutes to slow down, relax, breathe, and, above everything, take care of yourself.

CHIC CHIQ’s Powder Face Masks

CHICCHIQ Powder Face Masks

Powder Face Mask Bamboo Three-Pack

CHIC CHIQ’s signature product, the powder face mask is actually the oldest type of cosmetic in the world. Because the masks stay in powder form, they don’t have to be activated or diluted, which means they are much more potent and last longer, too. Using only naturally luxurious ingredients that are as safe and friendly to you as they are to the environment, Patrycja selects only the finest ingredients for her line of beauty products, all the way down to the sustainable, elegant and eco-friendly bamboo packaging.

Want to glow? These three CHIC CHIQ face masks are begging for you to give them prime position on your cosmetic shelf. And, once you try them, you’ll know why they deserve it.

CHICCHIQ de le Mer powder face mask

de la Mer Powder Face Mask

Nourish your skin to reveal a refreshed, super hydrated glow with CHIC CHIQ’s de la Mer powder face mask. Formulated with Spirulina algae and lemongrass, it is packed with antioxidants that will leave your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother, and supple.

CHICCHIQ La Noce Powder Face Mask

La Noce Powder Face Mask

The mask that inspired it all, this modern spin on the traditional Indian Haldi mask uses turmeric, chickpea flour, milk and flower petals to soothe irritated skin while providing anti-ageing benefits. A stimulating mask that will boost your skin’s natural collagen production, this magic formula is the ticket to incredibly beautiful skin of every type.

CHICCHIQ a la Rose Powder Face Mask

à la Rose Powder Face Mask

Created with delicate rose petals, this powder face mask uses jojoba oil for extra moisture, which means that you are left with that healthy glow everyone wants. Known to be Cleopatra’s famous go-to solution for dry skin, this beautifying mask is said to do more than just make your skin super soft and smooth, but it will boost your mood, too.

CHIC CHIQ’s modern spin on Ayurvedic beauty traditions balance old, new and, of course, your skin. What’s next for Patrycja and her company? Be on the lookout for an expanding skincare line and a brand new take on ancient hair rituals. To find out more about CHIC CHIQ’s Ayurveda-inspired luxury cosmetics and shop online, visit:

CHIC CHIQ Ayurveda Inspired Cosmetics and Powder Face Masks

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