Illuma Cosmetics: Algae Skincare That Embraces The Minimal Lifestyle

Try as we might, life always seems to end up messy! Jam-packed schedules lead to chaotic homes and clutter, both physical and mental, that seems insurmountable. This constant state of overwhelm has become the norm for most of us, leaving us to do our best to keep things organised and somewhat contained. But then, we catch a glimpse of someone who seems to be doing things differently, who seems naturally calm and at ease, enjoying each moment as it comes without the stress or the mess. Amanda Cara, the Florida-based skin expert behind Illuma Cosmetics is one of those people. So what’s her secret?

Illuma Cosmetics Non Toxic Skincare

Illuma Cosmetics

There is a method behind her magic: Minimalism. And this concept is exactly what has driven Amanda to create her all-natural approach to skincare, one that cuts the excess and focuses on the basics, creating products that not only deliver on their promises but do so without any added baggage. No chemicals. No excess.

From the products to the packaging itself, Illuma Cosmetics follows a ‘less is more’ ethos in order to create products that are simple, effective, and affordable. Covering all of its bases, Illuma Cosmetics not only offers skincare but also toxin-free makeup, including customisable compacts, brushes, foundations, and products for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Illuma Cosmetics Non Toxic Beauty Custom Cosmetic Palettes Ala Carte Makeup

Non-Toxic Beauty

As a busy mum herself, Amanda understands how difficult it can be for women to find time in their day. Illuma Cosmetics is different from other skincare and makeup brands because its core belief gives women more time, rather than consuming it. An eco-friendly and sustainable option that produces incredible results, Illuma is proving that a minimal approach is not only possible in the beauty world, but it’s also absolutely stunning.

Completely vegan, Illuma Cosmetics’s minimalist skincare range offers a selection of plant-based and marine-based products that are designed to boost the natural appearance of the skin. Carefully formulated with powerful organic ingredients including antioxidants and vitamins, that increase your skin’s moisture level, Illuma Cosmetics’s Algae Skincare harnesses the power of the sea to deliver anti-acne and anti-inflammatory results, as well as super hydrated, glowing skin.

Illuma Cosmetics Non Toxic Skincare and Makeup

Algae Skincare

Hailed as an “anti-ageing miracle,” Algae is a super ingredient well-known for its smoothing and firming properties. Having evolved on the surface of the world’s ocean, Algae has an incredible tolerance to UV damage from the sun’s rays, which is one of the leading factors in premature signs of ageing. Along with algae, Illuma Cosmetics has carefully selected other plant-based ingredients, reducing its formulas down to only those that are necessary for creating gorgeous looking, healthy skin.

It is this back-to-basics, intelligent approach that has women and men from around the globe flocking to try the Illuma Cosmetic’s Skincare line – which provides a safe and kind option for those who are interested in living a simpler, more naturally beautiful life.

Ala Carte Makeup Illuma Cosmetics Non Toxic Beauty

Vegan Skincare

For those looking for a face wash that is gentle enough to use every day and won’t dry your skin out, The Vegan Vitamin Wash from Illuma Cosmetics is a gel cleanser that leaves the skin’s natural oils in place while effectively removing makeup and detoxifying. Also available in a convenient travel size, this is a must-have for anyone with sensitive skin.

Sea Kelp Toner and Face Mist Illuma Cosmetics Non Toxic Vegan Skincare

Organic Skincare

A natural way to refresh and revitalise your skin’s own cells, the Sea Kelp Astringent & Face Mist uses organic sea kelp, tea tree oil, and dead sea salt to maximise results. It is also available in a mini size that’s great to take with you on the go!

Combat the signs of ageing with the Vegan Algae Serum an all-natural serum, proven to be effective, and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The Vegan Algae Serum has a highly concentrated formula powered by algae, that detoxifies while calming irritated skin and smoothing its texture. Use the mini size for travel or overnight bags.

Vegan Algae Serum Illuma Cosmetics

Plant-Based Skincare

A great natural option for a day or night cream, the Illuma Cosmetics Plant Cream is a completely botanical-based rich moisturising cream that is gentle enough to be used on the face, eyes, and neck to tighten and smooth skin while offering healthy hydration. If you prefer a face oil to a cream moisturiser, the lightweight Hemp Seed Face Oil will give your skin a smooth finish while delivering a hearty serving of vitamins A, B, D, and E, to improve circulation and hydration, great for sensitive skin prone to breakouts.

Cleanse & Go Kit Illuma Cosmetics Skincare

Perfect as a gift or travel set, or as an introduction to algae skincare, the Cleanse & Go Kit is a handy all-in-one skincare set that comes with miniature bottles of the vegan cleanser, sea kelp toner, and vegan algae serum. Presented in a moss-lined gift box with everything you need to keep your face healthy and radiant while keeping up with your daily life.

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Illuma Cosmetics Non Toxic Beauty Organic Skincare

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