Men, Urban Jack Has Your Skin (And Beard) Covered

If you hate shaving, raise your hand. Men with your hands raised, you’re definitely not alone. In 2016, this same intense hatred of shaving is actually what inspired the creation of the brand, Urban Jack. A UK-based and award-winning company, Urban Jack has not only taken the hatred out of shaving, but they’ve created an entire line of natural grooming and skin products just for men. Think of them as your skin’s official superhero.

Men's Natural Skincare and Shaving

Completely independent, Urban Jack has revolutionised skincare formulas for men, finding new ways to create products that defend and protect the skin while still being natural and vegan-friendly. Using ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, algae and dead sea salt, capable of saving your skin from aftershave rashes, urban pollution and even ageing, Urban Jack is becoming the go-to brand for savvy Brits – and, thanks to international shipping, men from the rest of the world now have a chance to catch up.

Men's Skincare Grooming Brand

The line of products available from Urban Jack is complete, although nothing in the way of overwhelming. A selection of all of the items you actually need on a regular basis, you’ll find facial moisturisers, serums, cleansing face washes, beard oils, and accessories including traditional razors. Each product is designed with one word in mind: defend.

Men's Grooming Products

For most men, knowing there is one place they can go to find the grooming products they need and can trust is a huge win. (Not to mention a time saver.) But, Urban Jack takes it a step further by promising to be anything but the next “faceless global juggernaut”.

Wanting to actually change the status quo for men everywhere, Urban Jack continues to propel itself forward by going above and beyond in every area – from product effectiveness and customer service, to its mission to give back through its mental health campaign which is donating a percentage of its profits to “charities helping men with the trials of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Mental Health and Suicide Risk.”

Men's Clear Shave Serum

Revolution Shave Serum 30ml | £18.00

Want to see what the Urban Jack experience is all about? The best place to start is the Revolution Shave Serum. The “hero” of all Urban Jack products, this natural serum recently won a Pure Beauty Award (although the raving reviews online are enough of a reason to click “Add to Cart” right now).

A unique hybrid between a gel and oil, the product goes on clear, which means you can actually see what you’re doing while you shave. (Hello clean lines.) An incredible way to defend your skin from irritation and rashes, this serum moisturises too, leaving your post-shave skin better than when you began.

Fully Loaded Wash Bag Men's Skincare Gift Set

Fully Loaded Wash Bag | £135.00

If you don’t believe that enjoying shaving is possible, then its time to let the Revolution Shave Serum from Urban Jack change your mind. You won’t believe how well your razor glides across your face. (Right now, you might not seem like the guy who talks about shaving products with people at work – just wait. Because, yes, Urban Jack really is that good.) To find out more and shop the full range of products online, visit:

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