A Personality All of Its Own: How DM Jewelry Designs Is Making More Than Just a Statement

Every designer, whether in the jewellery, fashion or interiors world, wants to be known for something special. Carving out a niche, as they say, can mean the difference between doing what you love for a living and dabbling in it in your spare time. Considering, of course, how many creative designers there are in the world and how many are actually able to say they have a business doing what they do, being different and standing out in the crowd is a concept that is easy to understand but can be very difficult to actually do.

DM Jewelry Designs Adelaide Necklace

Debora Malouf, founder and designer behind US-based DM Jewelry Designs understands this all too well. An accounting major with an artistic eye, she opted for the safer career path, witnessing a few of her friends who were “double degree art majors and were crazy talented struggle to find jobs.” Despite her day job, Debora continued to design jewellery, creating pieces like so many artists do whenever she had a chance.

And, if it weren’t for one specific customer whose experience designing a custom piece of jewellery for his wife alerted Debora to her untapped talent, she might never have pursued what is now her successful brand, DM Jewelry Designs. This creative process, which resulted in a stunning necklace for the man’s very particular wife, demonstrated to Debora exactly what her “speciality” is: exquisite, customised, attention to detail.

DM Jewelry Designs Nina Bracelet

JewelStreet Exclusive Statement Necklaces

DM Jewelry Designs can also be found on JewelStreet, a unique retailer which features handpicked designers from around the globe, known for their ability to perfectly “capture the essence of a woman.” No mean feat, but, Debora’s steadfast commitment to using only the finest, ethically sourced materials, shows she is up to the task. Her statement necklaces, in particular, are evidence of DM Jewelry Designs continual celebration of femininity, embodiments of “beauty, strength, intelligence, and passion.”

Tess Necklace DM Jewellery Designs

Tess Necklace | £422.00

The Tess Necklace, then, is the perfect place to start to understand why the brand cannot just be simply labelled as creating “statement jewellery.” This necklace utilises reconstructed Pyrite, Mystic Coated Titanium Quartz, Tiger’s Eye accents and is finished with a Bronze toggle clasp. It’s stunning colours and strong shape make it as confident as it is fashionable.

Monique Necklace DM Jewelry Designs

Monique Necklace | £398.00

What the Tess Necklace has in colour, the Monique Necklace has in class. Designed with faceted Puffed Diamond Cut Black Spinel and gold-filled and Black Onyx accents, even the clasp on the Monique Necklace, which is an exquisite piece on its own, is stunning. An instant statement that remains both feminine and strong, the Monique Necklace can be worn with any outfit, instantly becoming a strong supporting lead.

Adelaide Necklace DM Jewelry Designs

Adelaide Necklace | £319.00

For a bridge between Tess and Monique, you’ll find Adelaide. A statement necklace crafted with rare and unique natural Garnet slabs, imported Gold Druzy with gold-filled accents and finished with another signature toggle clasp, the Adelaide Necklace is strong, feminine, classic, and bold all at once. Romantic yet level-headed, the Adelaide Necklace turns heads, but without minding any attention to it.

Penny Necklace DM Jewelry Designs

Penny Necklace | £482.00

And then there’s the Penny Necklace, which is clearly, thanks to the exquisite material and impeccable craftsmanship, a DM Jewelry Design, but in a class all on its own. A bit wild, with a nod to the unique stripes found on a Zebra, the Penny Necklace is crafted from Black Onyx and Zebra Jasper with Snow Jade accents. Want to channel your inner animal? Then it’s time to take a walk on the wild side with Penny.

So much more than a statement, DM Jewelry Designs is a reflection of the feminine mystique and an example of what precision, commitment, and a bit of polishing can do for anything, be it a natural rock or a beautiful woman.

For more information and to shop the collections online, visit: dmjewelrydesigns.com

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