Slow Fashion Swimwear from Salamander: The Perfect Pieces for Your Go-Everywhere Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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With most of the world breathing a sigh of relief as things (finally) start to feel a little more like pre-2020, women everywhere are now eyeing up their closets with a fresh perspective, clearing out what doesn’t feel right and making room for a whole new idea of what the perfect summer capsule should look like. Of course, the “idea” of a perfect wardrobe and the execution of actually securing those pieces are two very different things. The latter, of course, requiring several different elements, including fashion-forward thinking, up-and-coming brand knowledge, and good old-fashioned funds.

Salamander Bikini Swimwear Resortwear Loungewear


To help you on your summer capsule refresh journey, here’s a brand you need to know about: Salamander. Less “fashion-forward” and more like a delightful flashback to the world in its best vintage looks (i.e. full-on feminine glam), Salamander is the brand to know about in 2021. Checking all of the boxes (sustainable, high-quality, timeless, flattering…), Salamander brings old-school European beach vibes together with high-performance, luxury materials, and perfect-fit silhouettes to create the it-girl looks everyone wants to be seen in now that it’s time to be seen again.

Salamander Bikini Salamander One Piece Swimsuit Racer Back Luxury Sustainable Fabric

Sustainable Fashion

To make an argument for Salamander to be even further up your must-have summer capsule list, the brand is ultra-conscious, ensuring that they create as little waste as possible by doing things like utilising paper hygienic labels and fully compostable packaging. The brand’s manufacturer (small, ethical, super transparent, and based in Bali) also donates a percentage of its annual profit to help clean the ocean every year.

Salamander Bikini Bamba Bottom and Positano Bustier Indigo

European Summer Swimwear Collection

And although Salamander is technically a swimwear brand, its pieces are anything but a one-trick pony. Like all of the best swimwear, Salamander suits can double as athleisure and formal depending on how you accessorise. Offering Swimwear, Resortwear, and Loungewear, the problem isn’t if you’ll find the essential piece to your summer capsule — it’s finding far too many. Take the brand’s debut European Summer Swimwear Collection, for example, which features elegant silhouettes and unique patterns that ooze old-school glam. Inspired by the infamous beach stripe umbrellas found on the chic Italian beaches of Capri, the Salamander One-Piece is one of the most non-negotiable purchases online.

Salamander Bikini Athens One Piece Printed Swimsuit

Bedroom-to-Street Silk Collection

The brand’s recent collaboration to create its Bedroom-to-Street Silk Collection is just another reason why you can’t let the summer end without slipping into something Salamander. Versatile and chic, this unique loungewear collection is the ideal way to fashionably ease yourself out of lockdown dressing habits. Each piece in the collection is handmade from 100% organic silk, with options for custom alterations, making it a complete contrast to over-worn workout pants and cropped sweatshirts.

Salamander Silk Bermuda Shorts in Black

A stunning example of what real slow fashion should look like, Salamander uses local workforces, regional sourcing, and a small carbon footprint to create capsule wardrobe pieces that won’t be retired from rotation in your closet anytime in the near future. And speaking of the future, be sure to look out for the brand’s capsule Resortwear Collection dropping later this month, which will include vintage feminine designs crafted from eco-friendly fabrics. (Yes, you’ll want every single piece.)

To view all of the collections and shop online, visit:

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