Colours Of My Life, The Secret Power Behind The Latest Luxury Artist Print Handbag Collection

Artist Anca Stefanescu COLOURS OF MY LIFE Luxury Leather Bags

There are some individuals that simply pull you into their world, a magnetic effect that you can’t quite put your finger on but that you find impossible to resist. Radiant and mysterious, these are the people that you want to be around. Anca, one half of the genius behind the limited edition leather bags and accessories brand Colours Of My Life, is one of those people. Everything about her, including of course her brilliant designs, is poetry. But not the sort that you can translate easily into words, Anca’s poetry shows up in unlikely places, such as her movements, her viewpoint, and her incredible artwork.

Colours Of My Life Horse Print Luxury Leather Handbag

Colours Of My Life

All of this is undoubtedly what drew her partner, Cristian, an academic turned entrepreneur, to her. The Romanian couple, who have been together since 2014, have created something truly special at Colours Of My Life, pouring their soulfulness and passion into each of their designs, infusing that magnetic pull so that everyday objects transform into a living, breathing work of art. Anca explains “We started to colour everything around us with joy, happiness, and smiles. As if the whole world is ours to be painted in colours.” And paint it they certainly did!

The Colours Of My Life collections now feature a wide range of products, from leather tube bags, bucket bags, handbags and totes, all printed with Anca’s exclusive designs, to accessories like wallets, belts, and bracelets, as well as t-shirts and gifts such as moleskin notebook covers and phone cases, they are quickly becoming the must-have brand for those in-the-know, style-savvy individuals looking for something truly unique.

Colours Of My Life Limited Edition Designer Leather Handbag Printed Bear Graphic

Artist Print Handbags

Wildly popular in every category they choose to enter, Colours Of My Life has focused their latest creative inspiration into their best selling, limited edition Zooland Collection. Embracing the urban jungles braved by women on the streets of London, Munich, Paris, and Prague, Zooland has cleverly captured the colourful essence of the animal spirit with Anca’s colourful artistic interpretations of vivid parrots, wild horses, and lucky elephants stunningly printed on this season’s hottest handbag silhouettes.

The Colours Of My Life luxury leather designer handbags like the Happy Zebra Bucket Bag and the Animal Lovers Horizontal Tube Leather Shoulder Bag are primed to be as rare as the gorgeous animals that grace them. All are handmade by skilled craftspeople and feature hand-painted edges. Much like those people that pull you into their world, Zooland will do the same, casting a spell of enchantment that refuses to be ignored.

Colours Of My Life Art Printed Luxury Leather Handbag Elephant Design

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Colours Of My Life currently has some new limited edition designs in the works, all featuring Anca’s distinctive art in the form of geometric wild horses, mama bears, fierce wolves, and royally decorated elephants. All of which will be released just in time for Christmas shopping to commence, so keep an eye out!

Anca Stefanescu Contemporary Artist

Want more magic? Explore the Anca Stefanescu Contemporary Artist online gallery and view her latest oil paintings, digital artwork, and installations, and get ready to become her next biggest fan. visit:

Anca Stefanescu Contemporary Artist

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