That Scrunchie Girl Reinventing The Old-School Hair Accessory

Once upon 1991, the scrunchie was a big deal. From Madonna to Paula Abdul, scrunchies were hot and so were the women that wore them. Flash forward to the 21st century, however, and the thought of the scrunchie is met with rolled eyes and “can you believe we wore that?” moments, right along with shoulder pads and high-waisted jeans. But, while the last five years has re-welcomed both shoulder-centric silhouettes and “mom jeans”, they haven’t been as kind to the scrunchie. But maybe that’s because no one has been ambitious enough to take on its reputation, reimagining the way the old-school hair accessory is worn. That is, no one until That Scrunchie Girl came on the scene!


Meet Fabiana Boumbis (pictured above right), the Australian genius behind That Scrunchie Girl, a luxury scrunchie brand that features high-end products that are catching on in a big way. Envisioning a chic way to not just design, but to also style the scrunchie, Fabiana launched her business, although not without some hesitation. Plagued with a serious case of “what-ifs” that held her back from pushing the start button, she finally took the plunge, showing the world what she, and her scrunchies, are made of. Armed with the help of her fashion school teacher and strategic industry contacts, today That Scrunchie Girl has been featured in Glamour, Elle, GQ and Vogue, to name just a few.


Fabiana is steadfast in her belief that style is personal, and that “being original is everything,” which is why she is the perfect champion for the scrunchie. Demonstrating its ability to look chic in a variety of ways, That Scrunchie Girl encourages women to think outside of the box when it comes to the scrunchie. Prompted with an influx of inspiration, which can be seen on That Scrunchie Girl’s Instagram account, fashionistas around the world have begun experimenting with the accessory, wearing it on arms, wrists, ankles, and, of course, in their hair!

Our Favourite That Scrunchie Girl Scrunchies

Offering styles that appeal to women wanting to push boundaries as well as those wanting to channel a classic look, That Scrunchie Girl’s collection of products has something for every stylish woman, here are just a few of our favourites!

That I know You Want Me Scrunchie Black Leather That Scrunchie Girl

That I Know You Want Me Scrunchie

Throw everything you know about scrunchies out the window. Made from luxurious 100% leather, the That I Know You Want Me Scrunchie is seductive and edgy, looking exceptionally striking against the skin, although your hair won’t want to miss out on any of the action either. Dare to wear to work or on your next date.

That Lace Me Up Scrunchie

That Lace Me Up Scrunchie

Like all of That Scrunchie Girl’s scrunchies, That Lace Me Up Scrunchie can be worn over and over again without losing its statement-making impact. Solid white but with lace detailing, you can easily combine this scrunchie with others to double the fun, or wear alone for a flirty touch – wherever you decide to wear it!

That Princess Scrunchie That Scrunchie Girl

That Princess Scrunchie

Fabiana’s favourite scrunchie from her current collection, she loves it because of its versatility, saying that “you can dress it up or dress it down” in order to complement your unique look and style. Feminine and magical, but neutral enough to wear with everything, That Princess Scrunchie will make tulle your new favourite accessory.

Regardless of how, or where, you choose to wear your scrunchie, one look at the creative ways women are making fashion statements with them and you will want to get your hands on one (or two, or three). And, for those of you cutting-edge fashionistas, stay tuned to see what That Scrunchie Girl is up to next. From the looks of it, an apparel collection isn’t too far in the future. And, we can’t wait to see it! To find out more about That Scrunchie Girl and shop the collection online, visit:

That Scrunchie Girl Logo

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