DAVISAGE: The Trending Beauty Brand Delivering Natural (Effective) Facelifts at Home

DVS Face Ex'cercise & Visager Anti Wrinkle Massage Tool

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to afford the best of the best in terms of skincare. And not just some of the time — all of the time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at the gorgeous celebrities that manage to mesmerise and frustrate us simultaneously: How in the world do they look like that and at that age? Or, even worse, I know I could look that good too if only I could … (insert reasoning plus the latest beauty trend).

Anti-Wrinkle Face Massager Tool

Thankfully, more and more beauty brands are understanding this frustration — and they’re capitalising on an amazing business opportunity by giving us what we really want: All of the insider secrets and know-how plus the tools and products, and at a price that doesn’t look scarily similar to our entire monthly income.

Anti-Ageing Face Massager Tool


One of the trendiest brands, DAVISAGE, has dialed in on all of this, offering a combination of products and tools that not only make you look better but feel better, too. More than just another lukewarm beauty brand, DAVISAGE has gone the extra mile to combine proven technology, scientific techniques, and the latest beauty trends to deliver natural (and perpetual!) facelifts. And did we mention you can do it all yourself at home?

Face Massage Tool

Look Younger Live Younger

Having recently been announced as a winner of the Editor’s Choice award in this year’s special 10th Anniversary Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards 2020, it’s not hard to see why DAVISAGE is making a name for itself in the industry. Using Japanese technologies and the best French serums available on the market, DAVISAGE has a somewhat small line of products, but that’s actually one of the reasons why they’re quickly turning into a beauty cult favourite. Focusing on just four main products, the DVS Face X’Cercise & Visager, Luxury Peptide Serums, Wrinkle Smoothers, and the so-popular-it-flies-off-the-shelves, DVS Handie Bottle, DAVISAGE makes finding the products you actually need to get the results you actually want simple – and, dare we say, enjoyable.

Visager Tool and Face Exercises

Face X’Cercise & Visager

While there is a little bit of a learning curve that comes with properly handling the DVS Visager so that you can do the Face X’Cercise program correctly, the proven results will make any effort feel minimal. Incredibly popular because of its non-invasiveness and incredible effectiveness, the combination of the proprietary DVS Visager and X’Cercise program really does deliver the promised “perpetual facelift”, which is exactly why women and men of every age are lining up.

Luxury Peptide Face Serums

Luxury Peptide Serums

To add to the potency of the aforementioned combo, DAVISAGE has developed a line of Luxury Peptide Serums, which are quickly gaining in popularity across Europe. Infused with copper peptides, these serums promise to calm irritated skin, even out complexion, boost collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines, deliver serious hydration, and plump the skin. In short, they’re a major part of the secret to maintaining that youthful look at any age.

Bottle Hand Cleansing Gel and Hand Cream

Handie Bottle

In Asia, the name DAVISAGE is synonymous with the Handie Bottle, an incredibly cool product that features dual pumps: one to cleanse your hands and one to moisturise them. The perfect product to literally keep on-hand at all times, the functionality and effectiveness of this convenient Handie Bottle is one of the main reasons that it’s so difficult for the brand to keep in stock.

Hand Sanitiser Gel and Moisturiser In One Bottle

Wrinkle Smoothers

And if that’s not enough reason to fall in love with DAVISAGE, their latest product, the DVS Wrinkle Smoothers, will make you admit infatuation. An effective anti-wrinkle treatment that tackles both deep lines and fine wrinkles, the simple wrinkle smoothing patches relax underlying muscles, reshaping them to visibly erase the previously wrinkled contour.

Wrinkle Smoothing Patches

Who knew erasing wrinkles and achieving the impossible “perpetual facelift” could be so simple? For more information and to purchase the products online, visit: davisage.com

Davisage Paris Logo

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