Earth to Skin Beauty: Why NENA Skincare is Making (Oceanic) Waves in the World of Natural Beauty

In case you haven’t realised, the words “natural” and “organic” seem to have lost all meaning in the world, especially when it comes to beauty and skincare products. Once a much sought-after label, we all know too well that the ingredients inside don’t always match the promise outside. And, as such, we’ve learned to seek out the specialist brands, rather than the convenience of pharmacy or supermarket shelves, entrusting them not only with our skin but with our overall health.

NENA Glacial Oceanic Clay Skincare

While searching, we come across lots of exciting discoveries, which – aside from giving us hope – also renew our enthusiasm for health & beauty. Can natural, safe products that actually have visible results on our skin actually exist? We’re learning more and more that the answer is a resounding yes. Want definitive proof? Meet one of our new favourite beauty brands, NENA Glacial Skincare.

NENA Glacial Oceanic Clay

As the first fully clay-based skincare collection, NENA takes advantage of its Canadian roots quite literally, using Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water to produce a range of skincare products that will make you rethink everything. (Bonus: you’ll be rethinking with the most exquisite skin you’ve ever had.)

Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay doesn’t just sound cool, it really delivers. As the rarest clay in the world, NENA Skincare collects it from a remote region on the Northern Pacific Coast of Canada – the only place in the world you can find it. Rich in more than sixty minerals and other rare earth elements, NENA Skincare harnesses every ounce of its natural power to create one of the most functional cosmetics on the market today.

NENA Earth to Skin Experience Natural Clay Skincare

With everything researched, developed, harvested, crafted, and packaged completely in-house, using NENA Glacial Skincare products is like tapping into a direct line to the planet. Self-proclaimed “beauty miners” of Glacial Oceanic Clay, the in-depth hands-on process behind everything the NENA team creates is incredibly rare in today’s beauty world. Yes, the process is slow. But it’s through attention to detail that NENA is able to create products that really work, and with zero harmful interference which typically arises during processes created for speed and business margins. (NENA products are all cruelty-free, halal, and EWG certified.)

NENA Glacial Oceanic Clay

The entire NENA Skincare range has been designed for both men and women. In addition to using 100% natural Canadian glacial oceanic clay and glacial mineral water, their products use natural botanical and essential oils for a truly spa-like experience. The brand’s flagship product, the best-selling NENA Glacial Clay Mask, contains an impressive 99% clay, giving it incredibly high concentrations of the real stuff other cosmetic clay products promise but don’t deliver. (FYI: Most other clay masks you’ll find on the market only offer at most 25% clay. Always read the labels closely before you buy!)

NENA Skincare System

The NENA Skincare System

Ready to see what glacial oceanic beauty can do for you? The experts at NENA Skincare recommend following these steps for healthy, radiant, youthful skin achieved naturally:

Step 1: Cleanse with the NENA Cleansing Cream which contains pure Canadian glacial oceanic mineral water for deep purification that removes makeup, dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. Step 2: Apply the NENA Clay Mask to reveal softened, toned and completely radiant skin. Step 3: Tone with the NENA Mineral Toner to firm your skin by restoring elasticity along with a healthy dose of natural hydration. Step 4: Moisturise with the NENA Mineral Moisturizing Cream for a boost of antioxidants and moisture you can count on all day, simultaneously fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Nena Kit Nena Skincare

The NENA Kit, which is comprised of the four must-have products mentioned above, is available as a complete skincare set or you can try each of the products individually. For best results, you’ll want to use all four of the NENA Skincare System products together.

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