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It’s no secret that the use of marine collagen is an effective way to firm the skin. Because the macromolecular structure of marine collagen is so similar to our own, it’s one of the best natural ingredients to plump up and tighten skin. However, not all beauty products touting an ingredients list containing marine collagen actually work. In fact, marine collagen is actually very difficult to absorb into the skin’s epidermis, causing so many “great” skincare products to fail when it comes to their skin-firming promises. Blavia Skincare’s Skin Strengthening products, however, are not those products.

Blavia Skincare Marine Collagen Collection

Blavia Skincare

Valentina Garbarini-Blavia, the founder of Blavia Skincare, remembers her mother always saying how important it was to moisturise the skin. How else do you keep it hydrated and healthy? But, by the time she was in her twenties, Valentina had started to wonder if there was a way to moisturise whilst at the same time also strengthen and protect the skin. Knowing the importance of collagen (it acts like a glue that binds the skin’s connective tissues) and the fact that it naturally begins to deplete in your twenties, Valentina began to research ways to reverse the loss of elasticity, and how to put a stop to the seemingly inevitable sagging, dull, dry, and thin skin that comes to us all with age.

Blavia Skincare Skin Strengthening Duo Moisturiser and Scrub

Marine Collagen

Connected to the sea since she was young, Valentina quite literally dove into research around blue biotechnology and the numerous benefits of marine collagen. Through her research she discovered that the key to creating skincare with marine collagen is ensuring that the refined marine collagen is processed into easily absorbed peptides and amino acids. When this happens, Blavia’s lightweight products actually get absorbed, making sure they deliver the powerful skin firming benefits they promise.

Blavia Skincare Skin Strengthening Body Moisturiser

Skin Strengthening

Focusing on all of the skin on the body, not just the face, Blavia Skincare isn’t just about strengthening the skin — it’s also about strengthening one’s self by promoting healthy, positive self-confidence. Revitalising, regenerative, and effective, Blavia Skincare is also committed to sustainability. All of its products are packaged in recyclable material, minimal packaging fillers are used during shipping, and the tubes and caps themselves on all products are manufactured with hazardous-free substance resins.

Blavia Skincare Duo Rich Body Moisturiser and Body Scrub

Sustainable Brand

By using less energy and resources, Blavia has dramatically reduced its carbon footprint, a boon to the planet and its oceans. Inside the sustainable packaging of Blavia products, you’ll find skin-strengthening ingredients that are all naturally-derived and selected to help stimulate natural collagen production. In addition to Marine Collagen, Blavia Skincare uses Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamins A, C, D, and B to increase the elasticity of your skin while also aiding in moisture retention. When it comes to future-proofing your skin’s defense, there are few products that can deliver like Blavia.

Skin Strengthening Body Moisturiser Blavia Skincare Marine Collagen

Body Duo Set

While the product line is small, Blavia offers everything you need to care for your body’s skin, head-to-toe. The Skin Strengthening Body Moisturiser comes in full and travel size options, making it easy to take with you when you’re on-the-go. The Skin Strengthening Body Scrub removes dead skin cells while simultaneously hydrating skin and stimulating collagen production. And, for the best deal, look to Blavia’s Duo Skin Strengthening Set which offers both the Body Scrub and the Body Moisturiser for a price you can’t refuse.

Blavia Skincare Marine Collagen Skin Strengthening Products

Clean Beauty

Paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and phosphate-free, there’s nothing you don’t want in these products. And, if what you’re looking for is stronger, hydrated, more elastic skin, then Blavia Skincare has absolutely everything you need, all in one place. For more information about the benefits of Marine Collagen, visit:

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